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Saving and Spending: Why it’s So Important to Manage Monthly Bills In College

Posted on Feb 26, 2019 with No comments

Feb 26, 2019

We all know that money doesn’t grow on trees. That’s exactly why it’s so indispensable to keep your monthly bills in check. Good spending and saving practices can go a long way in contemporary society. If you fail to take charge of your bills, you can end up with all sorts of financial concerns that can take a toll on everything.

Credit Score

Losing track of your monthly bills can do a number on your credit score. If you want to avoid wreaking havoc on your credit rating, then you need to take control of all of your monthly bills, zero exceptions. Paying your bills late can be disastrous. Failing to pay them entirely can make it harder for you to get a mortgage, purchase a vehicle, and get a credit card.


Not handling your monthly bills can also interfere greatly with all of your budgeting goals. It doesn’t matter if you’re saving up for a new home purchase. It doesn’t matter if you’re saving to go on a trip to the Caribbean, either. Confusion about monthly bills can make it impossible for you to budget and save like a champion. That can lead to chaos all around.

Mental Clarity

Taking charge of your monthly bills can also be beneficial for your clarity of mind. If you flounder in the financial management department, that can make your brain feel foggy and out of sorts. Mental organization can do a lot for the order of your existence in general. Rock-solid financial management abilities can help you with all different facets of your life.

Other Essential Expenses

If you handle your monthly bills well, then it can help you figure out how much you have to set aside for other costs. Home AC maintenance service is an expense that many homeowners have. Routine cooling system maintenance can keep breakdowns and problems of all kinds at bay. If you want to protect your air conditioner from airflow troubles, odd smells, and more, then you need to make sure that you can cover routine maintenance work.

People who have comfortable and pleasant lives tend to be capable financial planners. If you want to join their ranks, then you need to figure out how to control your monthly bills. You need to grasp how much you have to set aside for everything from utilities to wireless high-speed Internet access. Outstanding financial management abilities can help you soar.


Why College Arts Students Should Protect Their Portfolios

Posted on Feb 11, 2019 with No comments

Feb 11, 2019

As a college arts student, improving your skills and creating an impressive portfolio may be at the top of your list of goals until you graduate. These are essential in order to move on to the next step after graduation and land a great job with significant growth potential in your desired field. The last thing that you may be thinking about is protecting your portfolio but there are a few critical reasons why this should be a top priority throughout your college career and beyond.

Intellectual Property Theft

When you apply for a creative arts job immediately after graduation or even many years down the road, hiring managers understandably will look at your educational background and previous work experience. More importantly, they want to see what type of creative work that you can produce.

A job applicant with a stellar resume may have trouble landing a great creative arts job without a portfolio or if it appears as though that portfolio includes another person’s artwork. Intellectual property theft is a significant problem for individuals in this field, so you must take every step possible to protect your work. Consulting with an intellectual property lawyer early in your college career about the best way to protect your work is a smart idea.

Physical Damage

While you understandably do not want anyone to steal your work and claim it as their own, this is not the only way that your portfolio of work may be unavailable when needed. If you do not actively safeguard your portfolio, the work can be damaged.

This may be related to a fire in your home, water damage or even a pet getting hold of it. Protecting your portfolio from physical damage is easy to do when you understand the importance of doing so. For example, you may simply store your portfolio in fireproof lock box or safe. This consequently also protects your portfolio from theft.

From a professional perspective, there are few things that are more important to a creative arts professional than their portfolio. You will begin compiling a portfolio of your work early in your college career, and this is the time when you should begin protecting it against theft and physical damage.

Now that you understand what the risks associated with portfolio loss are, you can take action to protect your work going forward. Keep in mind that you will need to continue to protect your expanding portfolio throughout your career.


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