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How to Make Utilities Affordable on a Strict Budget in College

Jan 31, 2019

When you’re on a tight budget, it’s so important to stay within the lines. When you don’t, it can lead to debt and more negative financial scenarios. It’s one thing to cut down on your expenses for food. There are food banks, coupons and other ways to make food stretch. However, this same concept doesn’t apply to your utility bills. Thankfully, there are ways you can make your utilities more affordable when you’re on a tight budget. Consider the following four ideas.

Limit Energy Consumption

This doesn’t mean that you’re supposed to sleep in a cold home during the winter. However, it does mean that you need to be intentional with your usage. Keep the thermostat at a consistent temperature like 69 degrees during the seasons. Use space heaters with timers for rooms that you’ll spend a lot of time in.

Wear a layer or two as well. Try to cook meals no more than twice a week. When you cook major meals ahead of time, you won’t have to heat up the stove for longer periods of time. Turn off the lights once you leave a room. Unplug your items when you’re finished watching television or using the toaster. These small tips add up.

Find an Affordable Internet Service Provider

It might be a wise idea to let go of your cable and internet package. There are many an internet service provider to choose from, so make sure you find one that works for you and your needs. Plus, you can also watch your favorite shows through inexpensive subscription programs online.

Implement Ways to Cut down on Water Usage

Check to see if there are any leaks. If water is continuously running in one of the toilets, make sure the issue is fixed quickly. Take shorter showers. It’s also a good idea to use a low-flow showerhead. It’ll help you conserve water, get clean and keep your water bill low.

Talk to Your Utility Providers

Always remember to talk with your utility service providers. Ask about any potential programs they offer that can help you decrease your monthly bill. Sometimes, it’s just about making a phone call to inquire. In other cases, they might send someone to your home in order to give a free consultation. Many utility companies will provide free consultations so that you can learn more about ways to conserve energy and spend less.

As you implement these tips and become used to them, you might find yourself preferring this way of living. When you do get some financial margin, these tips aren’t bad to maintain. After all, you can still live comfortably. The bills will be paid and you’ll get to put more money into other areas like savings or travel.

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