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How To Handle Your Money During Grad School

Sep 27, 2018

If you are planning on going to grad school, then you are going to need to think about your finances carefully. Depending on your current financial situation, you might need to get a part-time job alongside your studies or look for financial aid.

In this article, we are going to give you some tips on how you can save money for grad school. Make sure to keep reading if you want to find out more.

Consider Your Costs

The first way to save money for grad school is to map out exactly the costs that you are going to have. Think about the fees, the money that it will cost you to live on campus or off-campus and the cost of books.

You also might have some unexpected costs when it comes to the applications, you’ll need to spend money taking the GRE and buying study guides for it. Plan for all of the costs and you’ll be able to know where you stand.

Look For Financial Aid

Not everyone can afford college or grad school and so there are plenty of financial aid options available to those students who need it.

You’ll find plenty of information about financial aid online and if you already got some for your undergraduate degree then you might already have something in place for your grad school.

Get A Part-Time Job

Grad school is expensive and for some people, the only realistic option is to get a part-time job. Obviously, this is not ideal as you will want to be able to spend most of your time working on your studies but unfortunately, it is often the only option.

Consider looking for a part-time job that will contribute to your studies in some way. You might be able to get a paid internship that will fund you and give you experience at the same time.

Live At Home

Have you ever considered living at home during grad school? This might be a great way of ensuring that you are not overspending and giving yourself less to worry about when you are at grad school.

If your parents live close enough to your grad school and they don’t mind having you around the house, you could live there for a fraction of the price. Consider living at home if you want to be able to handle your finances a lot better during grad school.

Limit Your Social Life

Although a big part of college is making friends, you might find that you have already had your time to do this the first time around. By the time that you have got to grad school, you will already have friends and you might not need to accept every single invitation while you are there.

If you are willing to limit the amount that you spend on your social life, you’ll find that you have more money to live on and that you will have more time to focus on your studies!

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