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3 Life Changing Situations You Can and Should Avoid in College

Posted on Aug 30, 2018 with No comments

Aug 30, 2018

Your college years are transformational in many ways. This is a time in your life when you will enjoy many incredible experiences, establish who you are as an adult and take steps to proceed down a desired career path.

However, many people make poor decisions in college that have serious lifelong implications. Some of these situations are rather common, but they all can be avoided if you understand the likely consequences that they may have on the rest of your life.

Poor Classroom Performance

When you are preparing for a big test that you need to pass and that you seemingly will fail because of your confusion or lack of knowledge on the subject matter, it is understandably that you may be inclined to cheat in some way.

This may even be a rather minor form of cheating, but all forms of cheating may get you kicked out of school. In addition, too much partying and failure to devote ample time to your classes can also result in poor grades that eventually cause you to be kicked out. These events can have a detrimental impact on your career opportunities and income potential for the rest of your life.

High Debt Balances

Credit card debt and student loan debt are common for college students. Many college students graduate with tens of thousands of dollars in various forms of debt, and some graduates have significantly higher debt balances than that. It may take years or decades of hard work and maintaining a frugal lifestyle to pay for poor financial decisions in college.

A DWI Conviction

Partying in college is common, and it usually involves heavy drinking and even some drug use at times. When your senses and abilities are impaired, you are likely to make poor decisions. This could include getting behind the wheel while you are intoxicated rather than paying for a ride home. 

If you intend to drink while you are out, it may be better to leave your car at home. Use a ridesharing service to get to and from the event or venue so that the possibility of driving is off the table. 

Hiring a DWI lawyer may be essential after this kind of arrest, and this may be an experience that you can ruin many future prospects even with a light sentence.

Each of these situations are realistic, and they have potentially serious implications on your life. Now that you are aware of the impact that they can have on your life, you can take solid steps to avoid them in the years ahead.


4 Unique Ways to Set Aside Money for Unexpected Expenses in College

Posted on Aug 7, 2018 with No comments

Aug 7, 2018

Even the most prepared people can sometimes be hit with unexpected expenses. There are ways that you can ensure that when these expenses occur that you have an avenue to help you pay them.

Here are some of the more unique ways that you can set aside money for any unforeseen expenses that come your way.

Create a Slush Fund

This type of fund has many different names depending on where you live in the country. You may consider opening up a savings account and putting aside a little bit of money each month as a part of your standard budgeting scheme. 

Some people will leave this additional money in their checking account for those unforeseen expenses. There is no wrong way to create an emergency fund as long as it fits within your monthly budgeting plans.

Have an Insurance Policy

Home owners insurance or even insurance policies for large ticket items around your home may be the way to go. For example, you might want to insure your HVAC unit. This could save you on an unexpected HVAC repair during a crucial weather event.

The point of these types of insurance policies is to minimize the amount of money that has to come out of your pocket at an unexpected time.

Overbudget on Items

Round up all of your monthly expenses in your budget. This includes your utility bills as well as any other type of expense that you have around your home. When you have a surplus for these items, you can put that extra cask into your slush fund. 

This method will also allow you to never be hit with a higher than expected monthly bill. You’ll already have this contingency built into your monthly budget.

Open a Health Savings Account

Medical expenses are some of the highest and most unexpected costs that you may experience in your life. Having a HSA account can help to minimize some of the costs that are associated with these types of expenses. 

Some employers will offer you an incentive to open up a HSA account. This could mean that free money is deposited into an account for you to use on your medical expenses.

Being prepared sometimes means that you’ll need to find creative ways to build up your reserves. There are lots of options that you can consider in order to set aside some money for those unexpected expenses in life.


Stay Safe With Good Passwords in College

Posted on Aug 5, 2018 with No comments

Aug 5, 2018

The majority of people should know they're supposed to create strong, unique passwords for each one of their accounts, however not everyone does this. So, the high-profile hacks as well as the thefts of customer data keep on piling up, acting as powerful reminder of the significant need of strong passwords.

Here are some ideas for setting good passwords as well as securing them. Go long and complicated is a good rule of thumb. Though "Password123" could be very easy to recall, it's a disaster when it comes to security. Hackers usually try the obvious choices to start with.

If at all possible, a password ought to be made up of a long string of seemingly arbitrary uppercase as well as lowercase letters, numbers, and symbols, says Dan Wiggins, vice president of digital risk for the cyber security firm CyberCo. "The easier it is for you, the simpler it is for the bad guys," Wiggins states. Do not recycle or reuse passwords from your other accounts.

Indeed a tech minimalist has numerous passwords nowadays for every thing from bank accounts to FaceBook. That's a lot to remember, but do not all for the habit using the same password for multiple accounts or to reuse an old fave.

Try a Password Manager

Consider a password manager. If coming up with distinct login credentials for each account is way too difficult, think about using a password manager, Wiggins points out. Services like LastPass, IPassword, and Dashlane will generate long, efficient passwords for all of your accounts, and enter them for you as required automatically so you do not have to remember them.

You'll need to download a software program to your notebook or computer and, if you choose, an app to your smart device. Then swap out your old passwords as quickly or gradually as you like. Activate two-factor authentication. Many sites allow you to activate this setting, which calls for users to enter a second form of identification, like a code texted to a smartphone or a bio-metric identifier such as a thumbprint.

This makes it a great deal tougher for hackers. to access your account, even if they have. the password. Yes, this will slow you down. a bit, yet it simply may be enough to make hackers look for another target. Though good passwords are important,. turning on multi-factor is a must, Wiggins. explains. "Inevitably, that's heading to be the thing that's going to save you."


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