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Off to College? 4 Thrifty Financial Tips to Get You Started

Apr 10, 2018

Beginning college is one of the best times of your life, but it can become expensive without the proper planning. While some students don’t need to worry about finances while receiving an education, other individuals must think carefully before spending any money.

Here are four thrifty ways to save money before you enroll in your college classes.

Apply for Scholarships and Grants

Before paying your college tuition, apply for as many grants and scholarships as possible. Remember that a small grant or scholarship may not seem like a lot of money, but it can pay for your textbooks. 

If you receive scholarship or grant money, then you won’t need to apply for as many student loans, helping to save you money for the rest of your life. Look for grant and scholarship applications online, or look for books at your public library that are about free money for college.

Shop for Textbooks as Soon as Possible

If you wait until you are on your college’s campus to buy textbooks at the college’s bookstore, then you may spend too much money. After enrolling in your college classes, request the textbook list from your professors so that you can order your textbooks at online stores

Not only can you often buy textbooks for less money at an online bookstore, but also, you will frequently receive free shipping to any address you choose. This means that you can have your college textbooks mailed directly to your new address.

Communicate with Your College Roommate

When you are going to have a roommate in college, it is possible to share the cost of many of the items that you need for your dormitory room. One of you can buy the miniature refrigerator while the other person buys the microwave.

If you have a shared space such as a living or dining room, then you can shop together to buy items at a reduced price so that both of you can use the items.

Moving to a College in another Area

If you are moving to attend college in another state, then you should consider the cost of shipping items or using a moving truck. Rather than spending money on moving or shipping necessities, it is often less expensive to buy what you need in the new location. 

When you can’t keep items in a dormitory over the summer break, you can rent a storage facility to store your furniture, appliances and electronics. If you must move your items to a college that is located hundreds of miles away, then you should consult with a moving company to see what your best options are.

Have a Written Budget

To avoid overspending before attending college, have a written budget that will help you to maintain control. Avoid random shopping after beginning college because it can lead to applying for credit cards, leading to huge debts that can follow you after you graduate.

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