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Strapped for Cash? Try These Tricks to Lower Your Monthly Expenses

Jan 29, 2018

It’s frustrating to see all your money go towards bills every month, and this is a bad habit to get into, as you won’t be able to save much or achieve financial stability. While increasing your income is great if you can manage it, you should also see if there’s any monthly expenses you have that you can lower or even eliminate entirely. If you’re ready to start cutting back, break out your latest record of your monthly expenses and check out these four cash-saving tips.

Choose One Service for TV and Movies

There’s nothing wrong with relaxing with a TV show or a movie that you like from time to time. But you don’t need four different services to do that. Figure out which service you’ll get the most use out of and drop the rest.

If you’re paying for cable, Netflix, Hulu and HBO Go or some similar collection of services every month, that adds up to quite a bit of money just for TV. Your most cost-effective option is to go the cord-cutter route and get rid of your cable package entirely, and then save even more by only choosing one streaming service.

Shop around for New Cell Service

Cell service is one of those things people often stay with for no particular reason. Maybe you got locked into a two-year contract when you bought a new phone, and then you just never bothered to check out what else was available when your contract was up. Whatever your reason, you may score a much better deal if you shop around.

Before you do this, figure out exactly how much data you need, as that’s the key factor in how much plans cost. See what different carriers are offering. Switching to a new carrier, or just switching your plan on your current carrier, could get you a much lower monthly rate.

If you want to save money, consider shopping around outside of traditional carriers and look into companies like Flash Wireless or Boost Mobile. Often alternatives like these can save you money relative to their competition.

Look for Inexpensive or Free Recreational Activities

When you look over your expenses, pay attention to how you’re spending your evenings and weekends. Those movies, happy hours, nights out and concerts can end up costing you hundreds of dollars every month.

It’s fine to have fun, but it’s also smart to switch out some of your pricier recreational activities with cheaper alternatives. Not only will you spend less, but you will also probably enjoy switching things up. For example, instead of going out to eat, you could invite friends for a dinner party.

You can also try going hiking or checking out any free museums or art galleries in your area. Look around and you’ll find that there’s plenty of fun things you can do at a low cost.

Check out Your City’s Public Transportation

Having a car is certainly convenient, but you’re paying for that convenience with your gas, insurance and maintenance costs. See what sort of public transportation your city has. Taking the bus or subway could be easier than you think.

Sure, it takes longer to get places via public transportation, but there’s no reason to consider this time a waste. You could read a book, listen to a podcast or do something else productive on your commute. Even taking public transportation a couple times per week will lower your gas costs.

Cutting your monthly expenses may initially seem like a tall order. But if you consider alternatives to your usual expenses and you’re willing to get rid of some unnecessary luxuries, you could end up with more money to put away every month.

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