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Got A Car for College? Here Are 5 Tips on How to Save Money on Repairs

Posted on Nov 25, 2017 with No comments

Nov 25, 2017

As a student, you are fully aware of how much the studies and all that comes along with studying costs, especially if you are studying abroad. If you have a car, it is a great solution for you to have transportation to college and around the campus, but it can also be an expensive one if you know nothing about car repairs, and end up needing one. In this article, we are going to discuss 5 tips on how to save money on repairs.

Use the advantage of warranties

In the case that you didn’t know, most of the parts of your car have a warranty, be it limited or lifetime. This is something that you should get to know when buying the car, and it should be printed on the receipt.

Your auto store will also have this information stored in its system. So, start a file for this information and you will save greatly on car repairs. When an option for a one-time or a lifetime purchase offer is an option, you should spend money on the warranty. Someday you will be grateful that you did.

Ask for referrals

The same way that you certainly wouldn’t choose a doctor or a lawyer by browsing the Yellow Pages, you shouldn’t look for a car mechanic that way. The best solution to finding a great mechanic that you can afford is getting a referral.

Ask your friends about which car repair shop they prefer using. It’s one of the best ways to find a quality mechanic that you can put your trust in. It would also be smart to look for reviews of repair shops on a website such as Yelp. Otherwise, ask around on Facebook or Twitter.

Be prepared to do it yourself

Maybe running to the mechanic every time your car has issues isn’t necessary. Not every car repair needs a mechanic to do it, and there is a lot of simple repairs that you can do it yourself. Therefore, logically, one of the best ways to save money on repairs is to do some of the basic maintenance yourself.

It’s actually not at all hard to replace brake lights, change the car battery, replace wiper blades, change filters and oil, and so on. It may be a challenge at first, but it gets easier with practice. You can check YouTube and other websites for how do fix certain problems.

Get your own code reader

You have probably asked yourself countless times what the error code that is displayed in your car is trying to tell you. Well, if you get an error code reader of your own, you will know exactly what the cause behind your check engine light going on is.

When you take your car to the mechanic, and are already knowledgeable about what is wrong with your car, you can prevent any unnecessary repairs.

Build a relationship with a mechanic

People tend to trust their mechanics a bit too easily. The fact is that there is a number of them out there who don’t actually have your best interests in mind. You might be even ending up charged for services that you don’t even need.

According to Epping auto service, it is essential that you find the right mechanic and build a good relationship with them. That way you will know that you can trust them when you’re in trouble.

In summation

Studying today is expensive on its own. So, if you have a car for college, you should do your best so that you don’t spend more money on repairs than necessary. You can learn how to do some of the simpler repairs yourself. Otherwise, it is important that you find a good mechanic that you can trust, so that you don’t get ripped off.


5 Savvy Ways to Save Money in College

Posted on Nov 22, 2017 with No comments

Nov 22, 2017

The high cost of tuition means you probably have less money left for the rest of your college expenses. Finding ways to save some money can make your life a little less stressful. Here are five savvy ways to save money in college.

Leave the Car Home

You will save a lot of money by not having your car on campus. You will not have the expense of parking, gas, insurance or unexpected car repairs if you are not driving. If you do need to take a trip off campus, check out the public transit system.

As a student, you may qualify for lower fares or even free transportation. If public transit is not an option, you can always rely on Lyft or Uber. Save even more by teaming up with a friend and sharing the cost.

Rent Textbooks

Most college bookstores sell used textbooks and might buy the books back at the end of the semester, for far less than what you paid. You may be able to slash your textbook expenses even further by renting your textbooks online.

An internet search will show you several options. All you need is the ISBN’s to be sure you are getting the books you need. Many textbooks are available in digital format.

Split the Cost of Storage

Having to haul all of your belongings back home at the end of the term, only to bring them back at the beginning of the next term is a lot of hauling. Save time and money by renting a month-to-month storage unit from a company like Wheaton World Wide Moving.

Moving back on campus will be much easier. Save money on your storage unit by splitting the cost with your roommate.

Resist Using Your Credit Card

Save money while you are in college by only buying what you can reasonably afford. While it may be necessary to have a credit card for unplanned expenses, you can save money by not racking up credit card debt and paying interest.

Not having a high monthly payment will leave more cash for necessities.

Socialize for Free

Keep your entertainment costs down by taking advantage of on-campus activities. Many campuses offer free movie nights, concerts and social activities that won’t break your budget. Get your friends together for a night out that won’t gouge your wallet.

Cutting your college expenses will leave a little more money for other necessities. Everything you don’t have to spend will add up over time. Try to give yourself a weekly budget and put away anything you don’t spend. Knowing how to save money can make college life more affordable.


Financial Fallout: How to Deal with Unexpected Medical Bills

Posted on Nov 21, 2017 with No comments

Nov 21, 2017

Your health should be one of your top priorities. However, it may not make it any easier to pay for exams, medicine or other medical needs. Fortunately, there are some ways that you can deal with an unexpected medical bill without completely ruining your finances.

Ask about Sliding Scale Fees

Some doctors or other medical providers will charge you on a sliding scale. That means that you may pay less than full price based on your income. It may also mean that a portion of your treatment will be taken care of for free.

This may reduce your bill from thousands of dollars to $500 or less depending on what you need done. Working with a training hospital or free clinic may also help you reduce the cost of getting needed treatment.

Your Insurance May Cover Some of the Cost

Just because you have been billed for services rendered doesn’t mean that you are actually responsible for paying. In some cases, your insurance company may actually cover the cost of a prescription drug or for being seen by a doctor.

If you have reached your maximum out-of-pocket limit for the year, charges that you have received may be reversed.

Work with an Attorney

If you have been hurt through no fault of your own, it may be possible to seek compensation for your medical costs. An attorney like Bellotti Law Group, P.C. or someone similar may work with you to get compensation for medical bills, lost wages and other expenses. 

It may also be possible for an attorney to get your doctor or other provider to hold off on demanding payment until after your case is resolved.

Consider Bankruptcy

Filing for bankruptcy is something that should be considered a last resort if you can’t pay your medical costs. However, if you truly can’t pay what you owe, it may be possible to have medical debt discharged while retaining some or all of your property. 

While it may cause a hit to your credit score, an unpaid bill sent to collections may hurt your credit even more. Bankruptcy may also put an end to creditor or debt collector phone calls, letters or other attempts to contact you.

If you have an unexpected medial bill, it may feel like your financial world is collapsing around you. The good news is that you have many options to help handle this expense. Working with an attorney, negotiating with care providers or filing for bankruptcy may all offer ways out of your debt dilemma.


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