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College Car: 3 Ways You Can Save Money By Driving Yourself to School

Oct 4, 2017

College Car

Going to college is an expensive prospect. It’s harder than ever to find ways to afford tuition these days and most students are looking for ways to stay out of debt when possible. What few realize, though, is that driving a car to college can actually make a huge difference in their finances. Below are three ways you can save money by driving yourself to school.

More School Options

If you’ve got a car, you’ve got better options when it comes to finding a school nearby. If you think about it, one of the worst limitations you can place on yourself is transportation. If you are counting on working while at school, you’d have to find a school that’s close enough to your job to attend if you want to make money.

With a car, though, you can greatly expand your radius. This means giving yourself more work options, more school options, and a better chance to shop for a tuition that you can afford.

More Housing Options

If you’ve ever looked at housing near a school, you know it’s expensive. Why? Because many would-be landlords know that their potential renters have to stay near school due to a lack of transportation. If you have a car, though, you don’t have to stay within walking distance of the campus.

You might find that rent drops quite a bit as soon as you get out of walking distance, which might end up saving you thousands of dollars every year. Even better, you’ll get a chance to live outside of the craziness of the university world—definitely a worthwhile goal itself!

Getting Out of the School Zone

A car also gives you the chance to shop outside of the school area. The businesses that are near universities operate on the same principles as movie theater concession stands and airport shops—they know the customer doesn’t have a choice, so they raise prices as much as they can.

If you’ve got a car, though, you can go shop where the locals shop and save a great deal of money during the school year. Don’t fall into the trap of university stores—drive to where you can find the deals.

Take your time to shop around at dealerships like Young Automotive Group for a great deal on a car. Once you’ve got a vehicle, you can start saving money. While you might spend a bit on your car payment and your gas, those payments should still be far less than what you would be spending without a car of your own.

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