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Classroom Vs. Computer: The Pros and Cons Of Online Learning

Jan 30, 2017

The impact of the internet on education was one that revolutionized learning forever. With the development of the internet, information became widely accessible, and available at the drop of a hat, for nearly free. It allowed anyone with a computer and an internet connection to educate themselves on pretty much any topic imaginable, as well as create information networks which led to the development of online classes. Read on the see the pros and cons of online learning.

Pro - Flexibility

The ease of access of information on the internet make online learning extremely flexible. It means that students with variable or difficult schedules, such as those that work during normal school hours, might still be able to fit in some education in during the evenings and weekends - or whenever they have a block of time. In addition, students may also conduct all their research online without having to go to the library like in old times. The technology of the computer and the internet has allowed us an unbelievable amount of freedom in this way.

Pro - Learning Style

Online learning may fit the learning style of some students better than a classroom setting, depending on the individual. Some people prefer being able to focus on their computer with no distractions from other people that are around them. Those dealing with social anxiety also benefit from this ability to learn remotely, and in the comfort of their own home.

Con - Learning Style

The flip side of the coin of freedom and accessibility is that it may be a challenge for those who struggle with motivation and focus. The wide realm of possible distractions that computers provide - games, friends, social media, online content and videos - can be a huge temptation that actually gets in the way of studying and learning, if they lack the self-discipline and responsibility to focus on schoolwork. Places like UC Clermont College offer online time management resources to help distance/remote learning students gain these crucial skills.

Con - Time Management

The benefit of attending a class is that time is managed in large part by the professor or teacher. They can lead the classroom through activities, and set reasonable deadlines. Some students need this kind of guided time management. Those who lack the skills to manage their time wisely might see the consequences of the freedom of taking a course online.

In summary, committing to taking a class, whether that be online or in person, requires intention, motivation, and focus coming internally from the student. If they cannot do well online or in a class then they should reevaluate their abilities and character. Those who seek interaction with peers would do better in a classroom setting, while those who need the flexibility of online classes would benefit from internet learning.

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