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5 Ways to Pay off Debt and Help Others at the Same Time

Jan 18, 2017

If you're struggling with debt, it can seem like a dark climb out of a deep hole. But what if you could set your finances straight and give back to others in your community at the same time? Here are just a few ways to help yourself while also helping others.

1. Plasma Donation

You always hear about blood drives after an accident or natural disaster, but did you know that many people also need plasma? It's used in everything from transplants to transfusions, and it's just as easy to take from willing donors as blood. 

It doesn't get the same amount of media attention, however, so many people are unaware that it's even a possibility. You can donate your plasma twice a week and get paid each time.

2. Charity Work

Charities always need labor, and you can use skills that you already have for various causes and campaigns. For example, if you're experienced in clerical work, you might answer phones for a homeless shelter or animal advocacy group. 

If you're a medical student, you might do your rotations at a free clinic instead of a big-name hospital. Not only will you earn a paycheck, but you'll also help the neediest people in your neighborhood at the same time.

3. Egg Donation

If you're a healthy young woman, you can help someone become the parent that they've always wanted to be. Egg donation involves cultivating and then extracting eggs from your ovaries to be transplanted in another woman's uterus. 

While there are some physical and psychological hoops that you'll have to jump through to become an egg donor, the process will pay off with anywhere from $3,000 to $10,000. Visit a center like the Missouri Center for Reproductive Medicine for more information.

4. Blogging

You may not think of blogging as a life-changing venture, but if you're working for the right organization, it absolutely can be. 

Charity groups need advertising just like any other company, and through blogs, tweets and social media activity, you can bring attention to everything from fundraising marathons to breast cancer facts. You can even start your own charitable blog and earn income from affiliate linking.

5. Clinical Trials

Every medication needs testers. Every research study needs participants. If you're willing to loan your body to science, you can make money through clinical trials that will have a big impact on tomorrow's pharmaceutical industry. 

The most expensive paydays come from specialized tests for particular medical conditions, but there are also clinical trials for healthy adults acting as baselines.

These are just a few ways to pay off your debts while also helping others in a meaningful way. They might be unconventional money-makers, but they'll help you grow both financially and emotionally. Good luck!


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