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How an Online Master's Degree Can Ease the Financial Burdens of Single Parents

Sep 22, 2016

Being a single parent is tough as you are responsible for both raising your child and providing for its needs. In many cases, it requires either finding work that comes with flexible hours or paying for expensive day care services. How could obtaining a master's degree online ease this burden?

Open Doors to Better Job Opportunities

The most obvious benefit to a master’s degree online education is that it can improve the job prospects of a single parent. Even if that parent needs to work during the day, an increase in salary could offset the cost of daycare. In some cases, companies are willing to provide daycare for free or allow employees to work from home to help achieve a better work/life balance.

Full-Time Jobs Offer Steadier Salaries

While you may be able to make ends meet on a part-time hourly wage, you never know how many hours you will get in a given week. When you are on a full-time salary, you know how much you will make and how often you get paid. 

This makes it easier to create meal plans, figure out when to pay bills and even save for your child's college fund. In addition to your paycheck, you may also receive health benefits for yourself and your child, which makes it easier to cover the cost of doctor's visits, dental care or emergency health issues.

Start a Job Before You Finish Your Online Degree Program

In some cases, you may be allowed to start a job before you finish your online degree program as long as you can show that you are going to finish soon. This may allow you to get the paycheck and benefits that you want or need without sacrificing your ability to finish your degree. 

As you are taking classes online, you can move anywhere in the country to accept a position, which provides a greater degree of flexibility as you look for the right opportunity to advance your career. Your employer may even be willing to pay for some or all of your college to allow you more money to provide for your child's needs.

For a parent, there is no greater priority than providing for his or her child. Getting an education can make it easier to get a position with long-term benefits and a stable income. Taking your classes online makes it easier to get the degree necessary to find that work in the first place.

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