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Stressed Out? How To Properly Manage Work And Fun In College

Aug 25, 2016

Working and attending college is becoming more common, but that doesn't make it any easier. This can definitely make it hard to manage your time and make room for having fun. 

 You'll have to make an extra effort to manage work and fun while attending classes. With these tips, you can find ways to lower your stress levels and meet your school obligations.

Recognize You're Not Alone

Every college student experiences stress at some point in their academic journey, and almost half of college students report feelings of hopelessness in a given year. 

When you feel stressed out, sad or overwhelmed by your work load, don't start a cycle of mental self-doubt. Instead, give yourself permission to feel negative emotions for a moment and then move on.

Practice Stress Reduction

Between class and homework, family obligations, your career and your plans with your friends, your schedule is packed with things you have to do. Make sure you take care of yourself and pencil in time for relaxing activities. 

Work out at the gym, watch your favorite television show or paint your nails. Slip an adult coloring book in your backpack besides your textbooks and laptop and use your downtime to improve your mental health. By scheduling time for yourself, you're taking proactive steps to maintain your emotional well-being and manage your stress levels.

Look for On-Campus Options

Today's colleges and universities are recognizing students' needs to balance work and fun on campus. Your school might offer a games room, student lounge or regular movie nights. For example, ASA College students clubs with social and cultural programming as well as athletic events and evening library hours. 

With on-campus opportunities like this, you can find fun events in-between classes or before starting homework. You can even get to know your professors and classmates through your school's social events.

Join or Start a Study Group

A fun way to combine work and socialization is to study with other students. You'll understand your class material better and have regular motivation to study for exams and complete assignments, but you'll also make friends and keep studying enjoyable. 

If your professor doesn't coordinate groups at the beginning of class, ask for help doing so or reach out to the more active students in your cohort.

Overall, college doesn't have to be an emotionally overwhelming experience, even if you're working to support yourself. 

Acknowledge your emotional needs, schedule self-care time and take advantage of your school's options to keep yourself mentally and financially healthy.

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