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Sensible Ways to Increase Dorm Room Safety

Jul 19, 2016

When you go to college, your dorm room becomes your new home. From the moment students enter their dorm rooms, they start personalizing and decorating the walls, but they usually forget about one of their most important responsibilities. Secure college living requires you to implement certain security measures, in order to turn your dorm room (or apartment) into your safe sanctuary. In this article we will share several security tips that will help you to protect your room and belongings from fraudulent individuals.

Lock your doors

This is the most essential rule of dormitory living. You should keep your doors locked, while being inside, and of course when you leave your dorm room (even for a minute). Locked doors won’t repel all thieves and burglars, but they will definitely make their job much harder and riskier. In addition to this, you won’t need to admit to campus police that you just lost your laptop because of your own negligence. Some dormitories have doors that lock automatically. If you live in one of these, keep your keys or card handy, wherever you go. Losing your keys or locking them inside your room can leave you out on the cold. 

Buy a dorm room safe

Dorm room safe is the best protection for your money, cards and documents. There is a wide variety of different types of safes, and some of them are made to look like usual objects students keep in their dorm rooms. So there are diversion book safes, hidden closet safes and various other designs that won’t attract burglar’s attention. In addition, you can also buy a secure laptop case.

Door protection alarms

Most students spend their weekend nights partying in student bars and fraternity and sorority clubs. Burglars often use this opportunity, so most burglaries happen when some big party or gathering is taking place. In order to protect your belongings, and party your night away, you should talk to your roommates and install an alarm on your dorm room door. These alarms are easy to install and they are triggered by sensors wedged on the door’s frame. There are also alarms that can send push notifications to your smartphone, and those that automatically notify the campus police.

Buy insurance for your belongings

If your college requires you to buy expensive equipment, like music or laboratory instruments, you should definitely insure them against theft or damage. You should also extend insurance coverage to all other pricey gadgets in your possession including: laptop, iPad, TV, printer and all the others. It is also worth knowing that some parent’s homeowner’s insurance policies cover college kid’s belongings up to a certain amount ($51,000 in most policies). 

Fire safety

Student dorms and apartments should have fire alarms and fire sprinkling systems, but even then you should turn off most of your gadgets and appliances before you leave. Laptops and other gadgets can easily overheat when they are running or when they are connected to an AC power socket, warns 24-hour Bankstown electrician, which means they shouldn’t be left unattended. You should also use specially designed areas for cooking, and shouldn’t cook your food when you are sleepy, drowsy or drunk. If you and your college mates plan to make a BBQ party, check with local fire department before using a BBQ grill, fire pit or chimney.

Freshmen lifestyles and negligence are often prime causes for various types of incidents on student campuses. Leaving your home and becoming independent can be very stressful but, in spite of that, you need to keep your guard up and protect yourself and your belongings at all cost.

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