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Several Life-Saving Dorm Room Appliances

Jul 16, 2016

Sometimes living in the dorm can turn into pure survival. It all depends on where you are studying, a dorm room you spend your days in can be a big bedroom with two beds or it could be a dungeon with gray walls. People who didn’t experience it wouldn’t know how to survive there. But students are very resourceful and with the help of some house appliances they make it through their university time. Here is the list of some appliances that could make staying at dorm much easier.

Vacuum cleaner

If you are going to live there you should keep it clean. Dorm rooms often get dirty and untidy since students spend their days in the library and at the university studying, and simply don’t have the time for cleaning afterwards. If you are spending time in your room or perhaps cooking, it is probably getting dirty. A vacuum cleaner can be a fast way of fixing this, it takes little effort and time, and will get all the dirty stuff from your floor. If you don’t have a rug and you have a hard floor in your room, buy an electric broom. Also buy cleaning supplies for cleaning windows and other surfaces, these aren’t very expensive.


If the dorm policy doesn’t forbid it, a microwave is a great addition to your dorm room arsenal. Having a microwave at your disposal allows you to reheat that leftover pizza that was forgotten last night. Also you can make a quick dinner in a microwave if you are sick of dining hall food. Never put steel or plastic inside a microwave, it will melt. Worst case scenario it can start a fire, this is why some dorms don’t allow microwaves in their rooms. Also don’t keep food in there for too long, if you burn your meals your room will have an awful smell for a couple of days.

Air conditioner

Nobody likes sitting in a dorm room that feels like a sauna. That is why you should invest in an air conditioner. During the spring and summer the temperatures are higher. And since dorm rooms commonly don’t have central air it can get pretty unbearable in the dorm. Some dorms even allow you to install AC in your room, at your own cost of course. If you want to know more about the benefits of installing AC check out Sydney’s air conditioning installation pros.

If your dorm doesn’t allow you to install AC on your window you can always go with a portable air conditioner. It is small, doesn’t need to be installed permanently, and you can move it around the room as you wish. You can even move it to another room if you are having a party.

Coffee maker

Studying at the university will probably require you to stay awake during night time.. It might be because you were out partying or studying for an exam, during this time coffee will likely become your fuel. Nothing will wake you up like that first cup of coffee in the morning after a long night. Coffee shops might be too expensive and you might be too tired to walk the distance. This is why a coffee maker can be a life saver. It will save you time and money, and you can invite your fellow students for a cup of everyone’s favorite hot brew.

Living in a dorm and studying can be tough, but you can make it a lot easier. Use these appliances to your advantage, they can help when you are in a hurry or life in the dorm becomes unbearable.

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