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Several Space-Saving Hacks for a Dorm Room

Jun 1, 2016

If there was one space in this world that could use extra space at all times it would certainly be a dorm room. The books, the notes, the clothes, the footwear, the music collection, the magazines, the drinks, food and sports apparel are just some of the things that need their place at an ordinary dorm room and sooner or later every inch begins to matter. Luckily, there are several space saving hacks that will help you keep things under control and at the same time preserve full functionality and comfort.

Use the under-the-bed space

Unlike usual purpose at home where the space under the bed is used to store the things that are unused, when it comes to dorm rooms this area can provide an ample storage place for the things that are occasionally used, such as your football boots or notes and books from the last year’s courses that you get back to from time to time. Store them in plastic bins or tubs that can be stacked on top of each other to maximize the storage space and label them according to the content.

On-the-door storage

The space that is rarely deemed as having a significant storage potential is a door surface. This includes all the doors, such as entrance and bathroom, as well all the closets and cabinets. When looked from such a perspective, it becomes clearer that there is a lot of storage opportunity there. The back of the door can be used for storage in a great number of ways, particularly in a hanging fashion for items such as jewelry, bags and pans, as well as various small kitchen and bathroom accessories and cleaning aids.

On the wall

Just like in any other setting, walls have a great storage potential in dorm rooms. You can use the walls to hang a series of small shelves and use them as designated places for different types of things. For example, one for regularly used books, other for magazines, cups, and so on. If you need larger shelves, there are highly practical and versatile examples, such as Dexion NZ shelving solutions.

Use the corner space

Another great addition to expanding the storage capacity of the room is making the best use of the corner space. Their multi-functionality and practicality has been recognized by all major and small manufacturers and you can find them at every furniture store. On the other hand, you can easily build them yourself. You can use them to store practically anything, from your shoes to your books and keys, as well as stands for decorative flowers or speakers, for that matter.

Declutter and organize your space

No space saving hacks will be able to help you unless you thoroughly declutter your room and keep it clearly organized at all times. Start by getting rid of all the items you rarely or do not use at all. And keep repeating this at least every season, particularly at the end of each semester. Next, keep all the items that remained clearly organized and always stored at their designated places. This may seem burdening, but it makes perfect sense. What good are all your storage capacities if you do not use them properly and solely for the items they are meant for?

With knowing your true needs, careful planning and implementation of these hacks and routine decluttering, any dorm room, no matter how big or small can provide a well-organized and ample enough storage space. Naturally, all these actions will demand equal attention and effort both from you and your roommate(s) in order to have a long term positive effect.

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