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How to Make Your Dorm Room Feel Like Home

May 21, 2016

Living in a college dorm is an inevitable option for many people. Some say that the dorm feels like home; others disagree and think of redecorating it.

If you are among those who believe that there is no place like home, you will definitely invest some time and money into your college dorm in order to make it more comfortable and create a better atmosphere. To do that, you are going to make certain changes. Here are a few ways you can make your dorm feel like home.

Turn the lights ON

Most of the dorms have a very, very poor lighting. They are equipped with overhead fluorescent lights which tend to be no good for studying, working on projects or anything important. Your job is to upgrade it and have minimum three light sources at all time. 

Since this is the only time in your life where utilities are paid for, make the most out of it: I’m talking about light ropes, floor lamps, desk lamps and pendant lamps. Be creative and create lighting everywhere you can and try not to burn your room while doing so.

Do not be a hoarder

Leaving home is usually tough and it brings many sacrifices along the way. When moving out for the first time, people tend to bring tons of things with them, and most of those things they do not actually need. The goal is to ask yourself what you can live without. 

Hoarding stuff will do you no good; in fact, you will just create even smaller space to live in when you bring all those things into your college dorm. You will have to leave some of those things behind and live without them, or downsize your entire inventory.

Improve your work area

Since you are already paying enough money for the college and dorm, you might as well create a surrounding in which you are feeling comfortable. 

Nothing matters if you cannot make things done. Start with your bed: if you get enough sleep and are sleeping comfortably, the rest of the day will be much easier to handle. If your bed is not comfy enough, make sure to buy a new mattress and create perfect sleeping conditions. 

After that, work on redesigning your work area. Create enough free space for you to move while working on a project and put on the desk only the things you will be using. If the desk is too small, consider getting a bigger one, if there is enough room for you to fit it in.

Add a carpet or rug

This one is more important than it actually looks. Instead of buying that cheap $20 rug during holiday specials, consider saving up some money and buying one that you actually like. We are talking about soft Persian carpet, fluffy wool-made rug or even comfy flatweave runner rug

Each of these is unique and special, and will definitely make your room feel like home. The only thing you will have to do to keep it clean is to vacuum it every once in a while and perhaps wash it once in 2-3 months. Other than that, you are completely fine.

Decorate the walls

Most college dorm rooms come painted in white. Some of them you are allowed to repaint while others you are not. If repainting does not work for you, consider putting framed pictures of your family and friends on your side of the room (in case of having a roommate). 

If you are lacking pictures, download them from Facebook or twitter and put them together into a large frame. There will be times when nostalgia kicks in, which is why it is helpful to have these at your side.

Turning your college dorm into a comfortable place to live in will affect your studies and your life as a student in a positive way. All that it takes is a bit of creativity and a small investment. Just remember that you are investing in yourself and your future, which starts today.

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