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Arranging Task Lights for Optimal Learning in College

Posted on Apr 20, 2016 with No comments

Apr 20, 2016

Productivity is without a doubt one of the most important features of every successful learning process. It is influenced by numerous factors, some that are variable and need to be constantly monitored and some whose level of influence can be significantly determined by the initial setting.

One of these fundamentals whose impact is consistent on a daily basis are task lights. Here is how to arrange them in such a manner that they provide conditions for optimal learning.

Use as much natural light as possible

Natural light is well known for its contribution in setting a productive environment and making the best of what you have available is the first thing that needs to be provided. Not only does natural light make a study space more pleasant to be in, it improves health and mood of a student, which in return have a positive influence on productivity.

Therefore, maximize the window surfaces you have available, install new ones if possible, get rid of heavy curtains that block the sunlight and use light ones or none at all. As simple as that.

Dimmable ceiling fixture universality

Artificial lighting is another important factor when it comes to productive learning, probably even more than natural light, since it requires more detail and effort in making it serve your purpose. In general, ceiling fixtures are the most universal solutions in the majority of instances. They provide an overall required luminosity, which is further on enriched by specific task lights. 

Opt for a dimmable option since it offers customization and lets you set the atmosphere according to the occasion. For example, during rainy days very often artificial lighting needs to be used during day time, as well. Using it in full capacity would overdo but dimmers will allow you to fine tune it to the level that suits you best.

Table lamps as required task lights

If your learning process is primarily desk oriented, you should not solely rely on central ceiling fixtures since the shadows it causes can turn out to be significant disturbance issues. Table lamps are the most convenient and successful solution here. 

When you go online for table lamps, you will see that they come in so many various shapes and designs that you will surely be able to find an appropriate one for your personal needs and preferences. Finally, make sure you position the lamp in such a way that no shadows whatsoever appear on your work surface.

Floor lamps for problematic corners

In the majority of working environments it is important that all spots of the study space or are sufficiently lit since dark spots have a negative influence on productivity. There are very often issues with dark corners which cannot be solved by neither ceiling fixtures nor table lamps.

This is where floor lamps are needed. The various heights and sizes they are produced in will provide a suitable solution for all existing problematic corners you may have. All you have to do is choose a suitable model for your working environment and place it on the problematic spots.

Wattage and color temperature concerns

It is a course of nature that our eyesight deteriorate with age. The older we are the more luminosity we need, that is the higher wattage lamps are required. For example, if students are older than 25, lamps of at least 60w are recommended, while for younger students up to 60w is the preferred choice. LED lamps follow accordingly. 

When the light temperature is concerned in the context of its effect on students’ well being and performance, cooler lights produced by fluorescent bulbs are universally preferred to incandescent ones.

To sum up, lighting arrangement plays an important role when it comes to providing the most favorable productivity setting. Dedicate a required attention to it and rest assured it will prove to be worthwhile.


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