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Getting a Car While in College: 4 Things to Know

Mar 8, 2016

Getting your own car is a special rite of passage for young adults. When you buy it, you are officially considered a grown-up person. Since buying a brand new car during your studies could be too expensive, you can check some other options. Many fine second-hand cars are waiting out there to be bought and driven, but you have to be careful not to buy a ruined one.

Spread the word

The most logical place to search for a car is your nearest social surroundings. Spread the word in the family, tell your neighbors and friends that you want to buy a car. Such a wide-range tactic will let people know that there is a potential car buyer in their vicinity. That way you can get a well-maintained car at an affordable price. Nevertheless, no matter who the seller is, always have the car inspected by a mechanic, to be completely sure that you are not buying a devastated vehicle.

Large car dealerships and tricks

If you want to buy a car from a dealership, you have to know all the potential hidden flaws that such vehicles might have. First of all, you should ask for a certificate that shows a full car service history. If the dealer cannot provide you with that document for the car you would like to buy, simply skip that vehicle.

Secondly, it is important to check if the original mileage has been changed. To be able to tell whether the dealer is trying to trick you, it is important to know some stats basics. According to a survey, the average mileage of every car in Australia is 13,800 km on a yearly basis. So, if you want to buy a Renault Scenic produced in 2008 and they tell you that its mileage is 50,000 km, look for another car and another dealer.

Finally, even if you are provided with all the genuine documents in terms of the mileage and the service history, still bring your own mechanic to make a thorough check of the car.

Cars from first owners

Most well-off car owners drive their beloved four-wheelers only during warranty period. When the warranty expires, they sell the car and buy a new one. This is another perfect chance for a student to find a great car at an affordable price. Such cars have been serviced and repaired at authorized car service centers.

Although an average warranty expires after five or seven years from the moment of purchase, these cars are almost as good as brand new ones. Every student who would like to buy a car whose original warranty has just expired should contact official car brand dealers to find out more about such models. Moreover, they should also check good car auctions, as this can often turn out to be the most affordable way of getting the first car.

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Old-school ads

Before the Internet and modern technology entered the car market, people used to find cars in classified ads. Truth be told, this tradition still hasn't died completely. Although cars offered in such ads are usually older models and they rarely have a full service history, you might get lucky and find a useful and durable car. Of course, it goes without saying that you can bargain for such cars, especially for older models. If you have a relative or a friend who knows more about cars, they could turn an old vehicle into a hip and cool modern beast.

The first car that you buy is something you will always remember. Be it an old Ford Mustang or a modern SUV, it will give you a sense of freedom and independence. Once you get your car, roll down the window and let the wind blow back your hair, just like the Boss said in Thunder Road and enjoy your drive.


  1. I started with a $1000 car with the help of my parents. I took care of it and sold it a year later for $900. I put with another $3000 I saved from working odd jobs. I got a nice $4000 car. All cash. Stayed out of debt, it was an awesome accomplishment

  2. If you are going away to college you may not need a car at all. There are buses and other forms of transportation that can help you get to college and home again.

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