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Dorm Room Theft Prevention: The Essentials

Mar 16, 2016

The statistics say burglary happens four times every minute, and only 13% of trespassers are actually caught with no guarantee for belongings retrieval. Now when it comes to dorm rooms, the whole system seems far less protected as students roam around freely, and you actually share the room with one or several persons.

You can never be completely secure, at home or in a dorm room, but you can plan carefully and strike back with some pre-emptive measures. We have collected the experience of students and locksmiths alike and here are some top-notch anti-theft advice.

Braggers are an easy prey for thieves

A regular day at the dorm definitely includes meeting a bunch of people and the chance is that most of them are acquaintances. The advice is to be extra careful with the brand new people. Avoid sharing information about your valuables or anything one may steal. If you follow this through and keep quiet, the worthy possessions will remain tucked in your quarters. Still, if you want to be extra secure, there are other solutions we shall tackle here.

Some things should be left at home

The most effective method to thwart intentions of some college burglar is to leave the really expensive objects at your family house. Grandparent’s heirlooms and other jewellery that’s not needed daily is best stored at your parents’ house. If you’re not a fan of having all the money on bank account, take the stash with you at all times possible, or lock it away.

Door locking

Prior to taking out the big guns of burglary prevention, we need to take another vital step in the security process. Sometimes the simplest of blunders get us into trouble. If you’ve been growing up in a community where people don’t lock their front doors, don’t replicate the practice at college. Whenever you’re not 100% sure the door is locked, go ahead and double check. Better safe than sorry.

Getting a safe

If we were to talk about means to prevent burglary and protect your property at home, the answer would be to acquire a solid door lock. This is not so viable in the dorm conditions. However, another option presents itself, and that’s investing in safe obtainment.

Overall, you shall need two of it: first one for the computer and other gadgets and the second for valuables of smaller size like jewellery and cash. In addition, you can buy a safe with dissimilar locking procedures and mechanism like key-operated or digital.

College campus insurance

The list of things you may generally safeguard against theft via campus insurance includes burglary and theft occurrences, flood and fire, quakes, water damage and electrically induced causes. Seeing all these listed, it surely pays off. The eligible objects are:

  • laptop and desktop computers
  • tablets, smartphones and similar electronic devices
  • books (who knew?)
  • clothes and others

Mark the valuables

Campus insurance is occasionally insufficient, so in order to track it from pawn shops or other selling sites, put a secret mark on it. Engraving or labelling it with permanent marker is the way to go, just be discreet. Take photos of the whole procedure and put down the serial numbers for safekeeping.

Know the rules

If you happen to be a burglary victim, take a deep breath and don’t despair. Firstly, you should be thoroughly acquainted with the regional and college disciplinary measures and guidelines and see what is penalised. Inquire with the campus manager about complaint filing and the standard steps employed for thievery punishment. Lastly, learn about the handling of previous cases and figure out the best way to circumvent the same fate.

All summed up, the safety of your valuable objects is mostly your burden. Take our advice and do all you can, and the chances of this ever happening will be at minimum.

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