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When you Wish upon a Starfish

Dec 16, 2015

Remember the starfish story? The one about a guy walking along the beach with his buddy. As they go along, every few yards he picks up one of thousands of starfish that have washed ashore and tosses it back into the ocean. His buddy turns to him and says, “You know that’s not going to make a difference, right?” The guy replies, “it will to this one.”

Depositing money into a 529 savings plan is sort of like that. You know there’s a vast amount of money you need, and every once in a while you look at the balance in the account, and it seems like it’s not going to make a difference. Especially with the rising costs of tuition. Those who’ve used the plan know how important it is. But just as important is saving money on everyday goods and services, and teaching your child to do the same.

Teens love spending money, especially yours, and do so often times with little regard to how much it costs you to buy the trendy items all their friends have. Sit with them and show them how to shop to save money at all their favorite stores. You can even have them open their own “starfish account.”

That becomes the “starfish” they throw into their own savings account. The array of items available is endless, and with holiday saving going on right now, you’ll find discounts on items for the whole family, and everyone on your shopping list. Some stores are offering up to 40% or even 50% off.

Many 529 plans are tailored to the growth of the child over time. Some parents start saving as early as infancy, other parents don’t sign up for a plan until much later. No matter when you do, or what they wish for, you’re sure to find great deals and save a ton of money with Groupon Coupons. And isn’t that what matters most.

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