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5 Tips to Follow in College While Living with an Opposite Sex Roommate

Oct 19, 2015

Many individuals will encounter living with a roommate sooner or later in their lives. Whether it is during college or after college, There are some individuals who should willingly have a flat mate of an opposite sex. In the beginning, there might be lots of confusion to decide whether to stay with the opposite sex roommate or not? Who knows, the best flat mate you may ever discover is of the inverse sex. The following few tips will help you stay with the opposite sex roommate comfortably.

How to deal with striking dissimilarities

The most striking difference between men and women is the sense of cleanness? Once you live with an individual from the opposite sex the problem arises is the way you clean and keep up your living spaces. Ladies are by and large all the more deliberate and cleaner in the matter of their living space while men are more casual and not very clean. To maintain a strategic distance from any contention with this respect, allot obligations to each of you and set up a time table or a calendar. One can go for weekly or monthly cleaning schedule also.

Try not to get emotionally involved or attached

When two people of different background stay together, then chances are there that they might get attached. It is highly possible that they start liking each other but don't give any vent for romance. It will be difficult for both of you in the long run. Dating your roommate can be a wrong step and that is why it is better to keep a distance. Dating a roommate looks good in the movies and romantic novels, but not in reality.


When two people of different sex stay together, chances of clashes are more. There are instances where the guy become egoistic or the girls turns out to be a bra burning feminist! The key to happiness is indeed avoiding rude comments or harsh arguments. Try to avoid any kind of negative conversation. Men should not be rude or abusive with their female roommates. All you need is patience and adjustment skill at the time of staying with opposite sex roommates in house for rent in Bangalore.

Cleaning strategy

It is not always right that female roomies will dictate you to keep the rooms and bathrooms clean. Both of you can divide the task and make it an easier affair. Try to divide the daily work. For example, if you take the charge of sweeping then the other should mop or vice versa. It also helps in saving time and energy. 

Guest or friends coming over

Imagine, you are having an exam or you have to prepare an important project for your office but your roommate has invited lot of friends. It is always advisable to inform each other about the house parties or any guests coming over.

Living with an opposite sex roommate is definitely something to try out as it will bring out some great experiences in the long run. Go ahead and stay with the opposite sex safely by following these tips in the rental apartments or flats in Bangalore.

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