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Credit Cards for Students: Ultimate Guide to Success

Posted on Oct 21, 2015 with No comments

Oct 21, 2015

Some people consider that credit cards are a fast way to debt. Well, that may be true if plastic is used in a wrong way or by an irresponsible person. The following article will help young people to use credit cards to work for them. So, here is how to reap the benefits using plastic.

Simply saying, credit card is a financial tool that lets you delay the payment for the thing you buy. Basically, the company issuing you a credit card just lends you some money that you must pay back in a fixed term, usually with an interest. The longer it takes you to repay, the bigger the amount of interest. The same rule is common for most of loans.

However, there are credit cards which are provided with no interest for several weeks or even months and picking such a card will definitely help with budgeting. Still, you should always keep control over your spending, so here are some points for you to watch out for while using plastic:

  • Don’t spend more than you can pay back within the zero interest period.
  • Check your credit history before applying for a credit card and do your best to improve it, if it is needed.
  • Don’t file several applications at a time, because you can miss a chance to be accepted. Choose one card that reflects your needs and apply for it.
  • Check the APR (annual interest rate). It shows the extra amount that is charged in case you don’t pay the balance in full each month.
  • Be sure that you have a clear idea on the penalties which may be charged.
  • Check the monthly statements on your plastic to spot any potential fraud as well as understand if you are on budget.

Standard vs. Student Credit Card

There are many different types of credit cards offered on the market today. Besides others, there are cards designed for students. Typically, they don’t offer great rewards and come with smaller credit limits for young people to avoid accumulating debt. But, keep in mind that such cards usually come up with higher annual interest rates meaning that they can be more expensive if you don’t pay your balance in full.

With standard credit cards which are provided with zero interest you can do your regular shopping enjoying an interest-free spending window and let your funds build up in a savings account. But, remember that you need to be a disciplined customer to really benefit.

If you are interested in rewards, cashback credit cards are just what you need. Using this type of plastic you can earn air miles, store vouchers or just money back. But the aim of the game is to clear your balance in full as any penalties can make the rewards useless.

Credit card, as well as any financial tool, can be really beneficial to you, if used properly. Stay responsible when making decisions and don’t forget that the money you spend with your credit card is basically a short-term loan that must be paid back on time. Keep in mind that you just start your independent financial life, so do your best to avoid any serious mistakes which may later have a negative impact on your credit history.


5 Tips to Follow in College While Living with an Opposite Sex Roommate

Posted on Oct 19, 2015 with No comments

Oct 19, 2015

Many individuals will encounter living with a roommate sooner or later in their lives. Whether it is during college or after college, There are some individuals who should willingly have a flat mate of an opposite sex. In the beginning, there might be lots of confusion to decide whether to stay with the opposite sex roommate or not? Who knows, the best flat mate you may ever discover is of the inverse sex. The following few tips will help you stay with the opposite sex roommate comfortably.

How to deal with striking dissimilarities

The most striking difference between men and women is the sense of cleanness? Once you live with an individual from the opposite sex the problem arises is the way you clean and keep up your living spaces. Ladies are by and large all the more deliberate and cleaner in the matter of their living space while men are more casual and not very clean. To maintain a strategic distance from any contention with this respect, allot obligations to each of you and set up a time table or a calendar. One can go for weekly or monthly cleaning schedule also.

Try not to get emotionally involved or attached

When two people of different background stay together, then chances are there that they might get attached. It is highly possible that they start liking each other but don't give any vent for romance. It will be difficult for both of you in the long run. Dating your roommate can be a wrong step and that is why it is better to keep a distance. Dating a roommate looks good in the movies and romantic novels, but not in reality.


When two people of different sex stay together, chances of clashes are more. There are instances where the guy become egoistic or the girls turns out to be a bra burning feminist! The key to happiness is indeed avoiding rude comments or harsh arguments. Try to avoid any kind of negative conversation. Men should not be rude or abusive with their female roommates. All you need is patience and adjustment skill at the time of staying with opposite sex roommates in house for rent in Bangalore.

Cleaning strategy

It is not always right that female roomies will dictate you to keep the rooms and bathrooms clean. Both of you can divide the task and make it an easier affair. Try to divide the daily work. For example, if you take the charge of sweeping then the other should mop or vice versa. It also helps in saving time and energy. 

Guest or friends coming over

Imagine, you are having an exam or you have to prepare an important project for your office but your roommate has invited lot of friends. It is always advisable to inform each other about the house parties or any guests coming over.

Living with an opposite sex roommate is definitely something to try out as it will bring out some great experiences in the long run. Go ahead and stay with the opposite sex safely by following these tips in the rental apartments or flats in Bangalore.


Six Degrees That Are Worth The High Cost Of College

Posted on Oct 17, 2015 with No comments

Oct 17, 2015

Attending college is a costly expenditure that generally calls for students to apply for what turns out to be an incredible amount of  money. This investment hopefully will quickly pay for itself eventually when you get a good paying job. 

The length of time it takes to repay your school eventually depends upon your degree pick. These are the 6 degrees that are going to rapidly pay for themselves quickly after you finish.

Information Technology

Computer systems are so commonplace and essential in the world and work place today, so computer pros are strongly in demand in nearly every field. For instance, individuals who concentrate on  IT services can assist companies and handle their IT support and system requirements. 

With a degree in IT, you can choose a position at small company and sizable corporation as well. The profession is continuing to grow every year, meanings the salary is likewise rising.

Engineering Degrees

Whenever you are searching for one of the top paying degrees, then you have to study engineering. There is a wide range of various engineering fields, however they all pay well. 

No matter if you have an interest in computer systems, space or chemicals, you will be able to choose a high paying job in engineering. Engineers are even in high demand today, making it simpler to get a much better paying job promptly.

Financial Services

It comes as not a surprise that a money management degree would quickly pay for itself. Knowing the best ways to manage and earn money is consistently going to be necessary to every business. 

Financial Services is an incredibly competitive field, so you might have to distinguish yourself in college by signing up with the financing club or getting an internship at a large business to get some real world experience.

Physical Science

When you have innate passion for science, then you cannot fail with a degree in physics. You will have the ability to work in education, healthcare or the federal government with a diploma in physics. The field of science might not look like a well-paying job, yet the average income of physics majors in the halfway point of their profession is over $100,000.


Degrees in applied mathematics, fundamental mathematics and statistics will  quickly pay for themselves with a starting income near $50,000. The job market for this work is continuing to open up, so you ought to have no problem getting work after college graduation.

Computer technology

A degree in computer technology will let you master the skills needed to write computer programs and apps. Creating your own apps is an excellent way to get a career at one of the leading tech business, which will get your average income near $100,000. Given that this is such an expanding business, companies are constantly in search of skilled individuals that can help them grow.

Right now there is no need to have a hard time payling your student loans when you can get a fantastic job soon after getting a degree. Graduating in one of these 6 professions will let you enjoy your career, pay off your college debt and build for the future all simultaneously.


Today's Parents Are Saving More For Their Childrens' College Tuition Than Previous Generations

Posted on Oct 2, 2015 with No comments

Oct 2, 2015

The Parents of the current generation of youngsters would like to ease the student loan debt problem for their kids. They are preparing to foot the bill for college costs through 529 saving plans.

Young moms and dads, many of whom are paying off their own student loan bill, plan to deal with, typically, 75 % of their kids's college costs, compared with 61 % for Generation X parents and 60 % for baby boomer moms and dads, according to a new research on college savings from Fidelity Investments. And a huge 43 % of millennials aim to pay for the complete cost of their children's college education compared with only 32 % of Gen X and 27 % of boomers. Amazing!

As a baby boomer i was shocked to see how serious today's parents are taking their responsibilities.

Having lofty goals is fantastic, however it matters more if college savers can walk the talk. Overall, parents are on track to cover only 27 % of their college funding objective by the time their children reach college age, down 3 percentage points from last year's study. This from a survey of 3,340 families with children 18 years old and younger and a yearly household income of a minimum of $30,000.

However it's not all wishful thinking on the part of millennial moms and dads. On average, they have 29 % saved towards their college financing goal compared with 25 % for Gen Xers. Millennial moms and dads are more likely than other generations to use a 529 college savings plan, save monthly, raise their contributions every year and begin saving when their kids are 5 years old or younger.

Millennial parents' own student debt experiences have actually affected college savings decisions for their children. Eighty-seven percent surveyed by Integrity stated that their student debt is inspiring them to help their kids save more for college. Of the millennial parents evaluated, 40 % had student loan debt with a typical balance of $20,800 and 56 % of those parents are still repaying their loans.

Parents Taking Their College Saving Plans Seriously

Aided by the enthusiasm of millennial parents, the percentage of households saving for college is at an all-time high, with 67 % of households surveyed announcing that they have started saving for college. That figure is up from 63 % in 2014 and 57 % when the survey first conducted a college cost savings study in 2007.

The 529 plans had a noticeable influence on households' college savings. Those with 529 plans had actually saved an average of $34,900 for college compared to an average of $26,500 saved by families without a 529 plan. While the 529 plan cost savings average is at a record level, there's still a ways to go. That amount is just sufficient to pay for one and a half years of in-state tuition, fees, room and board at a public, four-year university or 80 % of one year of expenses at a private college, according to the College Board.

Assets in 529 plans hit a record amount of $246.2 billion in July, a 6.5 % year-over-year increase, according to the College Savings Plans Network, an association of the state-sponsored plans. It was announced that 37 % of the parents surveyed have a 529 plan, up from 29 % in 2014.

Better Saving Vehicles Increase College Saving

Saving for college is about awareness and discipline. It suggests parents begin their college fund as early as possible. On average, parents report that their youngster was 7.2 years of ages when they started to save for their college.

With Americans carrying a record $1.2 trillion in student loans, it would be wise to move college funding from a debt model to a savings model.

Hopefully millennial parents will continue to save for college. This is refreshing news because they have been harmed by their large college debt an don't wish that mistake to repeat with the next generation

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