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Your Ultimate Guide to The Best Sports Journalism Schools

Feb 6, 2014

Does your love for sports go beyond simply watching them? If you’re the type of sports fan who loves to read and write about sporting events, then a career as a sports journalist could be for you. The US is home to a lot of sporting events; and what’s even better is that there a number of good colleges offering quality sports journalism programs. If you’re thinking of becoming a sports journalist, then you should check out the best sports journalism schools in the US:

1.       University of Texas – Austin

The University of Texas in Austin houses the Moody College of Communication that runs the journalism department. U of Texas is particularly known for their journalism program—earning the #11 spot in the print journalism list. As journalism majors, students can opt to apply for the sports journalism specialization (first-come first-serve basis). Initiated way back in 1911, the U of Tex journalism program is one that is rich in culture and legacy.

2.       Pennsylvania State University

Penn State, with its John Curley Center for Sports Journalism (under the College of Communications), is another school that has a highly-touted sports journalism program. They give out an annual Award for Excellence in Coverage of Youth Sports. The center mixes instruction with research and other programs (like outreach programs). Sports journalism majors can be assured of a highly-rewarding internship experience with Penn State’s top industry partners.

3.       Boston University

BU has a College of Communication which runs its Journalism school. The school allows its students to specialize and concentrate on sports reporting. Boston University journalism majors who wish to concentrate in sports reporting get to learn the nitty-gritty of journalism, together with topics that relate well with sports—psychology, sociology, and even economics. Students at BU focus not only in reporting, but in sports writing and media coverage as well.

4.       Indiana State University – Purdue University

This school is the home of the National Sports Journalism Center and is run by the capable hands of Indiana University’s top-notch faculty and staff. The NSJC is not only a school but acts also as a resource center for sports journalists. The center gives students the chance to experience how sports journalism is done. Students get the opportunity to be part of a news bureau that covers several sporting events. The NSJC is also considered the biggest sports media organization in the US—the Associated Press Sports Editors.

5.       Oklahoma State University

OSU has one of the most technologically advanced sports centers in the United States. They offer a sports media program (and not just a sports journalism program) at the School of Media and Strategic Communications. OSU facilities are constantly visited by big-time sports programs and their students get exposure from these visits. Sports media majors at OSU get hands-on experience from the visiting top professionals of the sports media industry. They learn not only about sports writing, but also on play-by-play announcing and sports production.

6.       Marshall University

Marshall’s sports journalism program is under the W. Page Pitt School of Journalism and Mass Communications. Sports journalism majors get to experience how it is to cover sporting events. Their training focuses on the all-important aspects of sports writing. They also give their students the chance to broadcast live sporting events with their own sports radio program. Students are also trained in regards to public relations work in sports.

7.       Springfield College

The sports journalism program in Springfield is multidisciplinary. They offer courses in sports writing, sports broadcast and even online journalism. Springfield also makes sure that their sports journalism majors experience journalism from the best professionals with their extensive internship programs and field experiences. Aside from journalism, students are also exposed to liberal arts and humanities studies.

An exciting career awaits the sports journalism enthusiast who enrolls with these top-caliber schools. They can get the education they crave together with the real-life experience. These schools are staffed with professionals from the industry who can teach and guide students to become highly qualified journalists.

Go ahead and check out these schools now. Get to know more about their sports journalism program and find out for yourself what makes them the best sports journalism schools in the US.

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