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What are the Benefits of a Montessori Education?

Feb 2, 2014

Montessori education As a child reaches toddler age, many parents begin to research preschool options. There are many different options available for preschool that provide educational opportunities based on various learning methods. One method that is gaining in popularity is the Montessori Method. This method was created by Maria Montessori based on her observations of children in various settings.

The method is one that has been integrated into many different preschool systems. However, most parents do not have any idea as to what this means exactly. How can the educational method benefit a child? It is important to understand the basic benefits to know if the Montessori Method will help your child. This way, you can feel comfortable about enrolling the child. Below are a few benefits of what the method can provide a child.

Focus on Developmental Milestones

This curriculum focuses heavily on developmental milestones. Children from the age of three to five have certain milestones that are to be reached to help with both large and small motor skills. For example, four year old needs to focus on fine motor skills while an older child would need to focus on social skills through field trips or special activities.

Child-Centered Learning

Students in the Montessori program will be immersed in a classroom that will provide opportunities for specific learning needs as well as focus on certain abilities. The classroom is set up to provide easy exploration and children have items and materials easily within reach. Furniture is also made at an appropriate size so children can feel comfortable.

Cooperative Play

Along with a functional classroom, the method teaches children to be cooperative and work together. Teachers do not overwhelm children with work, work, work. Children are encouraged to control their own learning. Children must work together to learn from the various stations located in the classroom. A sense of community is created as children learn respect for each other as well as how to work together.

Order Within the Classroom

A Montessori classroom consists of order. Every item is organized with easy access as well as planned activities. Students are taught to put items back in their place after the activity and play. This sense of order helps the child to move forward in learning processes with self-discipline as a key factor.

Self-Discipline the Natural Way

Children are given a sense of freedom with the Montessori method and it is with this freedom, children will be able to learn how to become self-disciplined. Children would be able to learn how to concentrate and learn how to self-control their actions.

Individualized Learning

With the Montessori Method, children are encouraged to learn at their own pace. In other curriculum's, children must learn how to adapt at the pace of the group. In this manner, many children fall behind. With Montessori, children are able to learn at their own pace, which encourages a child to learn more and challenge themselves. Children are comfortable with the pace of learning and are able to succeed.

Hands-On Learning

This method also teaches children how to learn in a hands-on environment. Children are given concrete learning materials so they can understand visually as well as mentally. Children will learn in areas of language, math and culture as well as practical means via hands-on experience. Children are encouraged to concentrate on the task at hand to be able to focus and master the project or activity.

These are just a few of the benefits that can be found with a Montessori education. Parents should contact their local Montessori preschool providers for an inside look and interview to see what the school can provide their child.

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