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Real Estate As Career

Feb 16, 2014

Who hasn’t heard of Warren Buffett? He made his fortunes – $53.5 billion, to be exact – among others, from dealings in real estate. He has constantly been in the list of top 5 richest people in the world. If you sat down and got to thinking about it, you would be surprised at how many rich or at least, well-to-do people had their roots in real estate.

Notwithstanding the estimate of some people that real estate always works inside a balloon ready to burst anytime, it still is a fair bet. One of the reasons that can be cited as an ingredient in this optimism is that you cannot make land disappear; not ever. Global meltdown or not, there will always be people to sell land and property that stands on land and there will always be people to buy them.

A student on the verge of deciding what to do with his life could confidently decide to become a realtor. No, you do not have to be an exceptional salesman; in fact, you do not have to be a salesman at all. The ware you are selling is for any prospective buyer to see and estimate its value. You just have to provide indisputable and easily verifiable facts. Not for you the fly-by-night operations. These are resorted to by many a realtor out to make a kill but they stand a very real chance of getting discredited and may well end up behind bars.

While earning is good, you must remember you cannot be a beneficiary of pensions, gratuities and other retirement funds. It is prudent then, to make your own arrangements in the regard.

What is the work involved?

A student can learn all about how to establish and run a successful real estate business from a number free courses online.

The important tasks involved are:

  • Apprise the seller of the purchase offer.
  • Confer with all the people involved in a sale or purchase of a property and finalize all the aspects. Documents like purchase agreements, deeds and closing statements are to be prepared.
  • Be the intermediary between the sellers and buyers and negotiate judiciously.
  • Never tire of showing the property to prospective buyers even if you have to carry out the routine many times over.
  • Make use of electronic and print media to advertise the property.
  • Answer responsibly to queries regarding construction work, renovation and repairs and finance.
  • Sellers may not know the nuances of how to make a property attractive to buyers. Apprise them of the points be instrumental in carrying out the programs towards this end.
  • Inform the client on market prices, mortgages and legalities.
  • Try to get services of other agents if the property is huge if it is in an area unfamiliar to you. In order to do this, establish contact with such agents and keep in contact.
  • Make sure you make your commission percentage clear so that there is no misunderstanding.

Do not forget to get the reactions of satisfied customers and keep them in record. They will serve you as goodwill ambassadors.

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