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7 Best Budgeting Apps for the College Student

Feb 6, 2014

Don’t wait until you’re completely financially independent from your parents to start learning proper money management. It’s best to start budgeting your finances while you are still young. Developing certain habits early on will help you in the long run.

No need for paper and pen, because your smartphone can help you do the job. Teach yourself to manage your finances with these must-have apps.

1) iWallet

Literally designed as a wallet in your phone, this app costs $2.99 in the Appstore. It comes with an income and expense tracker to help you make your budgeting troubles disappear. Its key features include: single account data export and import, password protection for accounts, and add or delete accounts. You can view your income and expense report in a chart or a graph, too.

2) Mint

Mint is a must-have for people serious about managing their finances. What sets this app apart from others is the great user experience: Mint has a more personal approach.

It doesn’t just read your data for you, but helps you achieve your goals as well. For instance, you can put certain priorities like credit card debt, retirement plan, or vacation, and Mint will keep you updated on your progress. There are more features in store if you download this money tool.

This app is available for free in the App Store, Amazon, and Windows Store.

3) Toshl Finance

Free for iPhone, Symbian, Windows, and Android, Toshl will make budgeting your finance stress-free and simple. Its simplistic color scheme and interface makes it easy to use and understand for the social media-engrossed college student. You can organize your expenses through tags and sync your data in, and as they say, you’ll “save money” and “worry less.”


If you don’t want the hassle of putting your personal information in the app or its corresponding website, this is the app for you. It’s designed for an iPhone, which means that the app is very easy to use and manage. It comes in more than 15 languages too so that’s a definite plus. In the latest version, BUDGT allows you to set the amount you want to save for every month. This is available at the App Store for $1.99.

5) PriceSpy

With a 4-star rating at the GooglePlay store, PriceSpy is essential for tech geeks who love their Androids. If your budget allows for gadget buys every month, then this app will help you compare specs and prices, as well as notify you when you’re ready to buy the item. It also has a bar scanner feature. This is the best app to make a gadget wish list on.


Every time you read YNAB, it will remind you of your needs, and that is: You Need A Budget! Available in iPhone, Android, and Amazon’s Kindle Fire, this app makes budgeting simple and efficient. You can categorise your designated budget for expenses, such as bills or credit card debts. You can also sync all your data via Cloud Sync.

7) PocketMoney

If you visit this app in the App Store, don’t let its piggy bank icon fool you into thinking it’s just a cute app that helps you save money. Available for $4.99, this app is intense in terms of managing your budgets, checkbook, and expenses.

What is extremely convenient with this app is that you’ll be able to track your income and money you spend via your credit cards, checking, and savings accounts. Other accounts you can track are your overdraft, assets, and liabilities account. You can even share your income/ expense reports and other data via email to your parents.

If you want to entrust your financial date with PocketMoney, you can try the lite version of the app by visiting their site.

Managing your finances with one of these apps is going to make your future more peaceful and stress-free. With the right attitude towards saving money and credit card use, you may dodge the bullet of debt that many adults suffer at present. Besides, these apps make your finances more interesting and easier to manage because they do the math for you.

How do you manage your finances? What are your personal money-saving tips while you’re in college? Share it with us in the comment section!


  1. Great list, I hope that you can give us more information about education particularly on the math subject. Thank you for sharing your royal essays here.

  2. these are great and helpfuls tools. it is very important to start involving into financial life while you are young.


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