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Things Worth Spending on for Your Health

Posted on Jan 28, 2014 with No comments

Jan 28, 2014

Your health has a value that’s impossible to put a monetary figure upon, after all, without your health what exactly do you have to look forward to in life? With that consideration in mind, just how much are you spending on your health and are you spending it in the right places?

Health insurance

If you’re not in possession of at least a rudimentary health insurance policy then that’s something you need to address right now. Possessing health insurance not only enables you to access treatment when you’re ill or injured, not to mention access better quality medical treatment, it also enables you to access preventative healthcare which is essential for maintaining a good standard of health.

Common examples of preventative healthcare include pap smear tests for women, prostate cancer checks for men as well as vaccines for children, all of which are essential for maintaining good personal health now and throughout one’s life.

Fitness center or gym

When inquiring about health insurance policies don’t forget to ask about discounted fitness center gym membership. Many health care providers offer discounted membership to their customers because of the benefits afforded to both parties – the customer, who enjoys better health, and the insurer, who has less to pay for the customer’s healthcare needs.

Even if you don’t receive discounted membership from your healthcare provider you’ll still find the cost of membership to be worthwhile in many ways, and not only where your general fitness and health is concerned, but also with regard to your appearance, after all, regular exercise is necessary for maintaining a slim figure.

Boot or fitness camps

Although you might already have a membership at a local fitness center or gym, don’t overlook just how beneficial or how much fun joining boot camps or fitness camps can be, especially for women who feel uncomfortable exercising around or with the opposite sex.

Boot and fitness camps are held regularly in many cities and towns, as well as in exotic locations which enable women to combine a holiday in the sun with an intensive exercise regime that really burns calories, one that also educates them as to how to exercise anywhere they please without the need for expensive exercise machines and equipment.

Home exercise equipment

For those with busy lifestyles that prevent them from making it to the fitness center or gym as often as they’d like, investing in a few simple pieces of home exercise equipment, provided they've the space required, proves extremely advantageous.

There’s no need to go all out here by buying expensive equipment, look in your local classifieds or on Craig’s List and similar websites and you should be able to pick up an exercise bike or treadmill cheaply, or if you’re more interested in strength training, then a bench and some free weights.

Vitamins, minerals and supplements

Even though you might have an excellent diet that includes all the essential food groups in the right amounts, there’s still a good chance that you’re in need of vitamins, minerals and supplements.

A good multivitamin is advisable for all people regardless of how good their diet is, as is increasing the amount of fiber you receive from your current diet by taking products like wheat bran or wheat germ which are not only easy to add to meals when cooking – substitute breadcrumbs for wheat bran when making burgers and taste the difference – but also incredibly affordable.

You don’t have to allocate a grand budget or spend a great deal on your health, though you do need to take it into consideration and spend money in the right places.

Credit Card Perks You Might Not Know About

Posted on Jan 16, 2014 with No comments

Jan 16, 2014

Many consumers use their plastic on a daily basis, but how many are aware of the perks their credit card provider has made available? The answer to that question is surprisingly few, though due to the sheer number of perks many credit card providers are offering, it’s worth while finding out what you’re entitled to and that’s often a simple case of visiting their website to find out more.

Extended warranty coverage

This is one of the most common perks of credit card purchases because most credit card providers offer it. When you buy an item, for example an electrical good, it comes with a one or two year warranty; however, if you pay for it with plastic you get an additional year’s warranty. Save your receipts and warranties and file them together just in case you need them.

Security from unauthorized purchases

By law, all credit card companies must cover unauthorized usage of their cards and your maximum liability for unauthorized use of your card is $50. This means that if your card is lost or stolen before you report it missing you could be charged $50. This is a very small fee in comparison to how much you could be hit with if someone stole your card and went shopping.

Price protection

This is different from purchase protection – purchase protection protects you from theft or accidental damage for a period of up to 90 days – and involves a refund of the difference between the price you paid for an item you purchased and the discounted price if the retailer discounts the item afterwards, usually 60 or 90 days after the purchase.

Travel insurance

Depending on your credit card provider there are a number of travel insurance policies that you could be covered for, including travel accident insurance, lost luggage insurance, trip cancellation insurance and travel emergency insurance. This is something to check before your next holiday, provided that you buy the airfares with your credit card, because taking out a travel insurance policy could prove superfluous if you’re already covered.

Presale tickets

This is a perk that many people would be interested in, especially music and sports fans. This perk takes the form of preferred ticket programs where seats have been set aside specifically for credit card holders and often come on sale before they’re available to the general public. If you attend concerts or sporting events regularly, visit your credit card provider’s website or give them a call to find out more.

Rental car insurance

Many travelers have enjoyed the benefits of this perk whilst travelling. This perk can enable you to say ‘no’ to any damage waiver the rental agency tries to sell you though you have to be aware of the limitations here, which unfortunately for some cardholders, excludes business traversals from enjoying this perk.

Roadside assistance

The ‘American Express Roadside Assistance Anywhere’ is a notable example of roadside assistance provided free of charge to cardholders and many other credit card companies offer similar assistance. This differs from rental car insurance so make sure certain you’re covered before making the call!

Whilst your current credit card provider mightn't offer all these perks there’s a good chance that out of the seven discussed here they offer at least the first four – extended warranty coverage, security from unauthorized transactions, price protection and travel insurance – because these have become the norm with most Visa credit cards from issuers around the world. To reiterate, if you’re not sure as to what the perks with your particular card are, pay a visit to your credit card provider’s website to find out.

Can College Students Take Out Personal Loans?

Posted on Jan 12, 2014 with No comments

Jan 12, 2014

Yes, it is possible for college students to take out personal loans but they must have a means of comfortably repaying them and adequate proof of this. Many part time jobs that college students commonly work at whilst at college are cash in hand jobs, they’re unreported – there might not even be a need to pay tax due to tax free thresholds and other considerations – and their earnings often aren’t deposited in bank accounts. This is, for many college students, what prevents them from successfully applying for small personal loans, but there are a few ways to deal with this.

File a tax return

No one wants to pay tax, however, if you want to boost your chances of successfully applying for a personal loan you might find you need to file a tax return to have some proof of your earnings on hand when applying. Take a look at what the tax free threshold is for the amount of money you earn – if you’re working part time there’s a good chance that you won’t need to pay any tax on your earnings anyway and you’ll have some evidence of your earnings to show when applying for a personal loan.

Bank your earnings

An excellent way to prove how much money you have coming in is to bank your earnings if you get paid in cash. By banking what you get paid in cash you’ll have solid evidence of your earnings and this will prove extremely beneficial when applying for a personal loan now, and later in life when you look at applying for large loans like mortgages. What’s more, banking your earnings is also much safer than stashing your savings under the mattress or in a cookie jar.

Look for alternatives

There are a few alternatives to personal and student loans, like grants and scholarships for example. Whilst scholarships you’ll need to arrange prior to starting college – you should start applying before you complete your senior year – there are always grants to apply for and successfully applying for a grant could help you to avoid having to borrow whilst at college.

Take a look at websites like, and, you might find you have some excellent options that could see you getting a slice of that ‘free money’ which, according to Sallie Mae’s ‘How America Pays for College’ 2013 report, pays for 30 percent of US college costs.

Online loans

Many students have found success applying for online personal loans because the application process is often less stringent than that of banks. What’s more, most ‘online lenders’ also make available bad credit loans so they place less emphasis on possessing an excellent credit rating, which as a young person in college, it’s unlikely that you have.

There are a few things to take note of when applying for loans of this nature, most notably the interest rate applied to the loan, the Annual Percentage Rate. You don’t need to be earning a degree in algebra or mathematics to understand that the higher the APR is the more you’ll have to repay, so look around for an online lender that offers competitive interest rates, and make sure you understand the fee and charge structure as well, this is very important to take note of.

There’s often much to take into account when applying for personal loans and finance as a college student, however, provided that you’re able to prove your earnings and show that you can repay what you borrow – think about filing tax returns and banking your savings – you shouldn’t experience any problems borrowing whilst at college.

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