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The Importance of Stimulation in Child Brain Development

Dec 30, 2013

Understanding a child and his/her development is not always easy and might at times go unattended. However, this should not deter you from the thought of ensuring complete brain development in your child. After all, child brain development is an important aspect of human growth; which if goes wrong,can pose serious problems to the child in the future. Therefore, being a parent you must take important steps in ensuring complete and comprehensive brain development of the little one.

The solution rests with enrolling your child in cognitive learning and development program that makes a child learn things and acquire skills beyond classroom knowledge. The idea is to empower the children to face new challenges with respect to the continuous evolution of the world. To rise beyond all odds in future, it is important that each child gets to gain the skills along with the classroom knowledge to face the unpredictable environment. In addition, it is also important to understand that the young minds crave for an ambiance that offers them unlimited learning opportunities and psychological nurture.

The Critical Period in Development

Researchers have said that lack of experience during early childhood leads to poor brain development in children including reduced brain activity and intellectual capability. Though brain development is a continuous process, the first five years are noted as critical period. During this phase of life, children seem to be extra sensitive to the environment around. The input of language and vision is very much important for the infants for developing the particular capabilities. 

Development of the Brain

The brain of a child develops to around 90 per cent of its weight as an adult by the age of 5. According to scientists, the brain develops more neuron connections and cells than required by the particular age. It is the experience of a child, which include the emotional, sensory, intellectual, and motor activities that determine which cells need to be preserved until the end. If a child lacks stimulation at the early age, he or she stands to lose the chance of preserving the essential brain connections. 

Parental Involvement is a Necessity

It's no wonder that children learn with the help of their senses. Stimulations instinctively trigger a response among the infant leading to comprehensive child brain development. Parents who are loving and caring towards the child draws a lot of response from the child. A child who is subjected to verbal engagement is more likely to acquire language skills than ones who are not subject to such stimuli recurrently during the phase. In this aspect, it is to be noted that language development is indeed essential to cognitive development. 

The Impact of Stimuli

In addition to the development of language and thinking skills, stimulation from a parent helps in complete development of the child. It not only offers a sense of security, but also instills a foundation of emotions. Enrolling the child in cognitive learning and development programs might be a wise way out, but stimuli coming from parents form the early stages and the basics to child brain development.

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