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The Best IT Jobs in 2014

Dec 26, 2013

The IT industry looks set to continue to grow in 2014, which is great news for the people who work in information technology. It looks like practically everyone will be a winner with wages set to rise across the board. However, as normal some people’s skills will be in more demand than others will.

Here are our predictions for 2014 of the IT jobs that will be most in demand and see the biggest rises in wages.


Demand for SAP specialists is still growing at a phenomenal rate. More and more companies are realizing that using SAP software gives them the ability to get their IT systems to do exactly what they want. Rather than the company having to change the way they work to fit into the limitations of off the shelf software they can get SAP systems to fit around them. This is an attractive proposition that will lead to more demand for IT workers with strong SAP skills.

Big Data

The gathering of accurate data and analysis of that data is becoming increasingly important. As the saying goes knowledge is power and those firms that harness data and really use it are the ones that will have the edge over their competition. This means IT professionals who can find new ways to pull data together and analysis it are set to be very busy in 2014.

Project Managers

The skills of project managers will also be very much in demand during 2014. More firms, even SMEs, are becoming heavily reliant on information technology to manage and run their businesses. The power of IT is being harnessed by all kinds of companies, which means they need IT project managers to plan, develop and implement their new information technology systems.

Other IT sectors will see growth in 2014, but these are our top three.

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