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Postgraduation Personal Development Tips for Salespeople

Dec 1, 2013

While this article concentrates specifically on personal development tips for those who have recently graduated and who will be going into sales, the advice is also useful for anyone who has gotten a degree and is ready to enter the workforce.

Personal Development for Recent Graduates

Here's some advice on what you can do to help with your personal development after you graduate college - no matter your degree or whether you want to stay in school or join the workforce full time.

Travel Abroad - If you happen to have the money, traveling abroad is a good idea before you dive into work. This is not possible for everyone, but you may be able to find a postgraduate course that includes travel somewhere in the world. This can make it much more affordable to see the rest of the planet. Additionally, you can think about teaching English while abroad to pay for your travels.

Broaden Horizons - By taking classes you may not be comfortable with initially, you can expand your horizons a bit, something that is good for salespeople and others. Doing this will give you practice with operating outside your comfort zone while showing you have what it takes to excel in any situation.

Go for a Masters - Getting a PhD takes time and money, but for many it's worth every dollar and the hours of effort needed to get it. In today's competitive market, those with more academic degrees may be better suited to get the jobs that are available. Try to make this decision before you actually graduate college as it will make the process easier because you can plan classes to make sure you have everything you need to get into postgraduate studies.

Enter the Workforce - Something else that can help with your personal development after graduating is getting a job right away. If you're lucky and have worked hard, you may be able to find something that you studied in college rather than taking whatever is available. And for salespeople, this is even more important as you're likely to learn more on the job than you did in all of your college classes that study theory.

Any of the above tips will help with your personal development if you put them to use in your life. Anything you can do to set yourself apart from the competition in the job market will give you a higher chance of being able to land the job of your dreams at a salary you can get excited about.

At the same time, you're going to feel better about yourself as you develop your self-confidence and more after you graduate and enter the "real world." Any way that you look at it, you're going to be helping yourself by working on your personal development after you graduate and get your degree.

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  1. Gaining knowledge in postgraduate work is great but gaining life experience in other facets of life will only help you put your knowledge to work and be more successful.


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