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Key Factors that Help You Land a Job When You Graduate

Dec 11, 2013

So you have come to the end of university and have hopefully passed with flying colors. Now you are looking to take the next path. But where do you start? Currently, the job market is considered to be extremely tough wherever you look. Whether you want to fore a career in finance, the media, advertising or law, the market is extremely fierce. This is largely in part thanks to the hundreds if not thousands of applications for sometimes just one job! However, after you have removed those graduation robes, how can you can that land dream role?


It is essential that you do your research in order to familiarize yourself with the sector you want to apply for as well as the particular role. In this way, you will need to put in the hours to target which sector you would like to work in before making a job application. If you have done your research, it will;

  • Ensure that you are prepared when it comes to the interview process.
  • Provide you with lots of background material on the chosen company you are sending off to.
  • Give you an insight into a company background, ethos and philosophy. 

Considered to be one of the most important areas as far as landing that role is concerned, you cannot really go very far without a curriculum vitae. A CV gives the prospective employer the chance to see what experience you have already acquired not to mention a profile about what you can bring to them. Some of the aspect you need to cover in a CV includes;

  • Your skill set and a number of different qualities you can offer to a company. 
  • Any experience which might be relevant to the company you are applying for. 
  • Any relevant extra-curricular activities you might have undertaken outside of university to support your application. 

Interview technique

A vitally important area in which you can certainly brush up your skills is through interviews. You really need to nail this as employers will aim to grill you. If you need any interview tips or guidance to then you can enjoy career advice by Career Savvy and a host of other companies specializing in areas such as;

  • CV building.
  • Preparing you for different types of interview questions.
  • How to cope with rejection when looking for a job. 

Friends and family

There is no better start than asking friends or family on what to do as well as who to approach and anything else that might be relevant. At the end of the day it is definitely a case of not what you know but who you know. With an ever increasing competitive job market, you need to use everything at your disposal to get ahead. This means;

  • Asking friends or family for any useful contacts to get you started. 
  • Taking the time to meet any potential leads in person to build a rapport. 
  • Practicing mock interviews with different people. 

Recruitment companies

Another way where you can help yourself is down to signing up with a wide variety of recruitment companies. It will enable you to have the best opportunity of landing a role in your particular sector. In addition to this, once you have signed up, the recruiter will do all the hard work from finding possible roles to sending off your CV to possible employers in skills match type service.

Social media

With the growing influence of social media websites, you can have the chance to take advantage of useful self-promotion on your feeds. The speed of sites of this nature means that companies may advertise for roles via these mediums in the first instance. In addition to this you should look out for;

  • Any roles of interest or social media channels in the sector you want to apply for.
  • Any forums or discussions online.
  • Any relateable companies that you can follow for all the latest information and news. 

There is no doubt competition for places, especially with the number of individuals graduating from universities. Yet staying ahead of the game is vital. If you follow just a few of these simple steps you will be well on the way to forging a highly rewarding career after graduating.
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