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Abacus: How it Can Help in Making Mathematics your Favorite Subject?

Dec 31, 2013

It can be anything- English, history, economics or arts but I can bet there are very few people who say mathematics. Seven out of ten would name some other subject as favorite rather than mathematics. For many, the complicated calculations make the subject difficult to understand. They not just face the problems during their school time but also face the problems in later stage when it comes to teach their kids.

How this problem can be solved?

If you also face the same problem with the subject then take the help of tutors so that your children don’t fail in mathematics. With time, many new techniques have evolved for doing the calculations easily. Schools have tried them for making the subject favorite among the students. In recent times, the centuries old method of doing calculations Abacus have came into the educational scenario.

Are you thinking - Why Abacus?

Abacus is a tool which uses beads and rows for calculations. This method is not new, it’s been used from centuries but just the mode has changed. The use of beads helps in enhancing both the right and left side of the brain. Arithmetic calculations for even ten digits can be done by using the abacus method. During the abacus training, these tools are used for making your child familiar with the technique. Once they start to understand the techniques, the tool is removed. Thus, the child starts to imagine the tool and d the calculations mentally.

With abacus, you can actually help your child in achieving greater sense of achievements. Abacus boosts the self confidence; it helps in doing the calculations without using any type of help. Your child can actually solve mathematical problems only by imagining the abacus tool in mind. Abacus not just helps in doing the calculations but also enhances the concentration power.

What are the benefits of using abacus?

  • Helps in developing better understanding about the numbers 
  • Improves the concentration ability 
  • Enables the process of calculation without using any paper or calculator 
  • Improves understanding of combined numbers 
  • Enhances the confidence in doing calculations 
  • Makes mental calculations much easier 
  • Develops the right brain tremendously 
  • Improves one's proficiency 

How to find these classes?

Abacus classes are becoming so popular that you can find many of the educational centers evolving. You can actually look out for one by taking the help of internet, online all the details can be searched easily. You can locate the best abacus training institute nearby your home so that your child can easily go and learn the techniques. You can also compare the fees of these classes, the fees varies as per the sessions.

Abacus has become a very popular method for teaching mathematics. Other than the training institutes, there are many schools, which have started using the technique in their class room studies. You can actually provide your child a good future by enhancing the calculation abilities just by opting for abacus training.

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