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A Guide for Your Kids Health and Fitness

Dec 12, 2013

Today’s kids are more interested in playing video games, watching TV and eating junk. The combination of these three things means that it is a nightmare for parents to maintain the health and fitness of their kids. Just because kids don’t love to invest in health and fitness does not mean that they should be left to their devices as there will be serious health repercussions later on. This makes it necessary for the parent to come up with ways of ensuring that their kids are healthy and fit. After getting a EU medical card, the following tips can be used to get the kids interested.

Exercise and eat healthy with them

Kids will rebel anytime rules are introduced that restrict them. It therefore means that parents have to come up with ways of introducing and enforcing the rules in a manner that will not be resisted by the kids. For kids to be healthy and fit there is the need for them to have healthy eating habits and exercise on a regular basis. To introduce this to them, agree to eat healthy and exercise together with them and the excitement of this will get them to switch off the TV. Before long, the habits will stick and hence they will be healthy from the diet and fit from the exercise and all this will be achieved with little or no fighting at all.

Get involved in what the kids love

Once the first tip has started working, the kids might soon get bored with the exercise and diet regime and this is where the parent needs to get more creative. A card that the parent can use is to enter into an agreement with the kids. Make a deal with the kids to play video games with them and do other fun activities with them. For this to work, the kids need to feel that they are in charge of the selection process of the fun activities. This will bring in another surge of excitement that will get the kids eating health and exercising for the next few months. It goes without saying that the parent will be more involved in the kid’s life and this is an advantage.

Be flexible with diet and exercise rules

Many parents miss it when make the issue of diet and exercise dictatorial. The kids feel that they are forced to do what they don’t want. To make sure that this does not produce resistance, allow the kids to do what they want every once in a while. Take them out and let them eat all the junk that they want. Additionally, a break from exercising for a week will not harm them in any way. Relax the rules every now and then and start over again and the kids will willingly participate.

Play the doctor card. When the resistance to eat a healthy breakfast and hit the running track begins to grow too much, play the doctor card. Kids don’t love going to hospitals especially when they hear the word syringe. This card can be played rarely and it will get them going. To show them how serious the case is, the parent can flash their EU medical card and the kids will run their hearts out.

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