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Top Tips to Help you Prepare for Your Interview in Financial Companies

Nov 8, 2013

Interviews may seem like a cakewalk to you however, there is more to it than what meets the eye. You need to be extremely cautious and like every other thing in life; it needs a thorough preparation and dedication from your end if you wish to be part of a well known company. This gains even more weight age when the interview in question for a financial company. Finance is a very vast topic and to  familiarize yourself with these aspects and master them could be termed as a herculean task. Besides, there are constant changes that occur in the financial market and with the changing economic situations, it is obligatory that you keep pace with these changing trends and be current.

Keeping up can thus be slightly daunting and therefore, you cannot expect to take your interview lightly. Employers are not just interested in a pleasant personality and good qualifications but they are also looking for knowledgeable people and they test this by asking a plethora of questions like how to negotiate a credit card settlement and the likes. Your confidence should be reflected in your answer and unless you have practice and the information, you will not be in a position to exude the desired confidence level. Given below are some important interview tips that will shape your confidence and guide you to give your best shot at interviews for financial firms and companies.

1.) Talk about yourself:

Any well known financial company will not directly get down to the most important aspect of the interview. They will first ask you to talk about yourself and they will try to gauge your personality and confidence level. How you answer this first question is very important because it is here that you will be able to make a first impression. The impression that you create is likely to linger until the end of the interview; therefore, you must choose your words carefully.

Maintaining a formal tone is important. Talk about your resume, the type of person that you are. Familiarize them with your goals and past works and what you expect in the future. Having a flow to your words is important and it helps conjure a positive image in the minds of your employers. It is important that you stay genuine and only include things that you actually wish for. You must never lie about any past achievement as this could work against you.

2.) Be energetic:

Once the aforementioned set of questions is completed, your employer will move on to the next set which consists of definitive  behavioral questions. These are strictly situational and it helps get them a rough idea as to how you would handle a problem in a given situation. This phase is important as the employers try to understand your frame of mind and your energy levels. No matter how exhausted or worn out you feel, you must always come across as an energetic person and take things in your stride. This is what this phase of the interview aims at testing.

3.) Answering technical questions:

This is by far the most challenging aspect of an interview wherein your knowledge is put to test. You can expect questions ranging from easy to difficult and even moderate. A simple example would be a question like how to negotiate a credit card settlement. They could also ask questions pertaining to accounts, finance and the likes. Although it is very unlikely, they may also ask questions in the form of brainteasers and riddles to put you on the spot and help come up with a suitable solution. Therefore, once you cover these 3 major aspects, you can be sure of shining through your interview process.

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