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Student Life - Living in Halls

Nov 25, 2013

One of the toughest adjustments in going to college is living on your own, and when you’re stuck in a building with dozens of other students for the foreseeable semesters, it can be pretty intimidating. Those dorms are where you’ll sleep, shower, do your laundry, and study, and getting used to a strange environment full of strange people of all walks.

Over time, you’ll adjust to your dorm life, appreciating the independence and friendships that you’ll make with your fellow students. Don’t be afraid to put yourself out there, socially, and remember that your parents are just a phone call away. To help you adjust to your new living space and environment, her are some tips for dorm life.

Get to Know Your Dorm

Start exploring the hall early to get your bearings together and find out what’s available and where for when you need them. find out where the laundry room is for your weekend load, and locate the lounges and study spaces, so you’re not crammed in your room every evening after class. More importantly, find the closest bathroom to your dorm room where you can takes your showers, brush your teeth, and you know what else.

Organize and decorate your room right off the bat, because as busy as it seems when you first move in, it’ll just get busier. That way, you’ll have a clean space with everything where you can find it, and store you seasonal gear under the bed or in your closet to help maximize open space. Hang pictures of family and friends to keep things familiar, and get creative with posters, knick-knacks, and even Christmas lights.

Get Out of Your Room

Claustrophobia can set in pretty quickly when you’re crammed in a dorm room, so escape the four walls and hang out in the lounges. You can watch television with some of your neighbors, take a book to read or study on the steps, or even go for a walk. The important factors in this is to get the open space you’ll need AND to create opportunities to get to know other students.

Be sure to take advantage of your R.A., because they can offer some great crucial advice and act as a mediator if you have an issue with your roommate. Speaking of which, talk or text with your roommate to set realistic expectations and set ground rules for living together, and keep communicating frequently. Try keeping an open door, too, so people feel welcome to stop by and say hello.

Be Considerate

It’s important to follow the golden rule while you’re living in your dorm; treat others like you’d want to be treated, and be considerate with your habits and activities. You might want to crank up the stereo at two in the morning while you’re cramming for an exam the next day, but the people next to you are probably trying to sleep. Keep respectful, and things will go a lot smoother.

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