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Latest Online Learning Trends for K-12 Grades

Oct 23, 2013

Online learning, is rapidly growing and is changing the way of imparting education. Online learning is basically the implementation of new technologies in field of education so that the students and teachers can interact in a better way both in the classroom and outside the classroom. This is not only for the college students but also for K-12 grades. Here are some of the latest trends of online learning that helps the students to learn quickly and rank higher in the class.

Adaptive learning Environments: Online learning programs for grades K-12 are set up in such a way that it fulfills the need of all the student. The online learning programs reacts according to the students and identify the places where the students need some additional help or where he needs to speed up the or slow down the lessons. These programs help the instructors to identify the student who needs help, without embarrassing him in front of whole class. It is a personalized and highly effective way of teaching and learning.

Interactive and electronic textbooks: Traditional books can be great but they cannot match the power and performance of new electronic books that are found online. In this way the learning process becomes more interesting for the students and they grasp the things quickly. These books consists of the text in form of images, videos, graphics etc, that grabs the attention of the students. The students can mark their doubts at the same time and then can ask the questions later or can review later.

Online summer school: The students who have missed their classes or require to repeat their notes need not have to head to school over the summer and he/she can understand and complete notes by using computer. Most of the schools have started implementing online learning along with the traditional classrooms. This is known as blended learning and this saves the cost of commuting. It is more effective way of understanding the lessons and completing the work.

Truly educational gaming: There have always been lots of educational games, but now this has been increased and is growing rapidly. Teachers or instructors who are hoping to develop the interest in Maths, Science or social construct or create various games, that allow the students to play while they learn. These games are the perfect tool of learning for grades K-12.

Technology based monitoring of student performance: Tracking the student progress offers the wide range of benefits. It allows the teachers to know about the performance of each student so that he/she can tell his performance or its strengths and weaknesses to student’s parents. This report about the teachers to keep in touch with parents, who may push their children to do the homework or complete their notebooks or assignments.

All these technologies help the students to perform better in their studies and also help the teachers to understand the student’s strengths and weaknesses individually. Since online learning is beneficial for both student’s and teachers, so most of the schools are opting this online learning programs along with the traditional classroom programs.

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