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Top Techniques for Making University Life Simpler

Sep 16, 2013

Starting any form of tertiary study can be scary, especially if you’ve never set foot inside a university before. It differs from school in several drastic ways, meaning that you cannot use the same techniques and still have a chance of passing. Instead, you’ll need to get used to a more self-motivated study environment in which the onus is on you to get good grades and earn your degree. Fortunately, achieving success here isn’t too difficult as long as you follow these simple steps.

Choose a Good Location

Since most studying at university occurs outside of the classroom, you’ll need someplace that is conductive to your learning. Bring your books to a quiet area in which you can focus. Examples of this include:

  • Libraries
  • Student rooms
  • Empty classrooms

While it is tempting to be social and remain with your friends, remember that this won’t help your overall study goals. Heading somewhere quieter will produce better results in the long term.

Get Into a Routine

While cramming might help you pass exams, it puts everything in your short-term memory where it will be forgotten later. Instead, set aside time to study every day. Make time to review your readings and notes on a consistent basis, placing them in your long-term memory and ensuring you know the coursework well before the exams and assignments are provided.

Seek Out Assistance

If you’re struggling, and chances are that you will at some point, never be shy to find some help. Since your aim at university is to learn, you shouldn’t let a small matter like a lack of understanding act as an obstacle. There are plenty of ways in which you can gain assistance too, from your lecturer to your classmates. There may also be a university learning skills center which gives you the tools and knowledge you require to pass your course.

Enroll in Outside Classes

There are also ways in which you can boost your abilities through external methods. For example, overseas students might struggle with the language used in lectures. By attending an institute such as The London School of English, you’ll boost your listening skills and understand what is going on in a much better manner. Further study like this can be done in almost any subject, giving you more practice and a better understanding no matter what course you’re attending.

Organize Your Life

Actually getting through university requires a personal routine that encourages focus and productivity. As well as regularly reading over your coursework, you will need to:
  • Get enough sleep each day
  • Eat a balanced diet
  • Exercise three times a week
  • Avoid too much alcohol
Take care of your body and your mind will reward you with enhanced concentration and a better memory. Your grades should then improve as a result.

Form a Bigger Picture

Generally the notes and textbooks that you use are there for a reason. Rather than being separate entities, they are there to form a “big picture” for the course. If you are aware of what your lecturer is aiming for, you will have a better idea of which subjects are more important for your success. After all, you can’t study everything that subject entails. Instead, seek out the general focus that is required and then concentrate on those specific areas.

Your Path to Success
This should cover the basics about how to get through university without breaking a sweat. Remember that the responsibility is yours to make sure that everything is organised. With the right perseverance and motivation though, you’ll form a routine that encourages good grades and enhances your knowledge in the future.

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