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The Benefits of Becoming a Lecturer

Sep 18, 2013

It’s no secret that there is a shortage of qualified and experienced lecturers in colleges and other institutions of higher education. Therefore, the demand is at an all time high and that’s why becoming a lecturer right now could be one of the best career decisions.

A lecturer is an academic position of high repute and responsibility. It is a very rewarding career, with the work satisfaction being the highest amongst all other jobs. As a lecturer you will be molding the raw minds of future scientists, managers or engineers. If a student makes it big and finds his place amongst the top talent of the world, the maximum happiness is experienced by his teacher who taught him in the college. If you are still unsure about the career choice to make and wondering how becoming a lecturer will prove any beneficial, here are the five top advantages that you will enjoy as a lecturer.

Work Satisfaction

A lecturer’s job is to stimulate the creative intellects of his students to do something new. While parents have a tough task making their students learn and study, a lecturer has skills that make his students love the subjects all the more day by day. You have the choice to talk about the subject you love. Bright students help you discover new things about the subject that you might have not known earlier while students with average intellects provide you with a reason to strive harder and discover new methods of teaching.

The work satisfaction reaches its maximum levels when you see your students getting accolades outside the college, because at that time you get the real fruits of the efforts you had put in that student. And besides, it is the best form of service you can do to the society and the humanity as a whole without having to compromise on salary.

Perfect work-life balance

Most youngsters today put more emphasis on work-life balance while judging a job’s likability. The good news is that a lecturer has one of the best work-life balance. Colleges and universities have fixed working hours and in those hours also you will not be giving continuous lectures. There might be some occasions when you will have back to back lectures but that will be a rare occurrence. Most colleges allow you to work from home when you are not required to give lectures You can juggle your family commitments more easily in such a situation. With the advent of internet and web 2.0 you can do most of your work on E-mail and video conferencing.

Plenty of research opportunities

A lecturer has easier access to research laboratories and is constantly encouraged to engage in active research work, than, say a normal teacher. However, it can become a little challenging to manage both the aspects of the job together, nevertheless, it is an opportunity that may do not get. Working as a researcher will enhance your ability to grasp the advanced concepts of the subject and will also provide a boost to your reputation in the eyes of the students and fellow colleagues.

Freedom and Flexibility

University lecturers enjoy autonomy to decide their own style of teaching. Unlike their school teacher counterparts, they are not bounded by the need to cover entire course within a definite period of time. Instead they can choose which part of the subject they want to teach and how to teach. The course is also designed in consultation with the lecturer.

With all these benefits in mind, there is certainly a merit in giving this career a shot. As with every other career, there are certain education qualifications and skills that you need to develop.

Professional qualification needed

To successfully apply for a lecturer job, a post graduate qualification is an essential requirement. In the past few decades the role of lecturer has acquired so much of importance that getting a permanent lectureship in a reputed college without a PhD. is almost impossible. Thus, the essential education qualifications that you will need to become a lecturer include a bachelor’s degree, followed by a master’s degree and a PhD in the relevant field. A separate teaching qualification is not an absolute necessity although having one would provide a boost to your career prospect.

Skills required

Multitasking: A lecturer should be able to multitask effortlessly. The present day teachers are faced with daunting task of teaching new things to students, dealing with their questions, engaging in research and being a coach or mentor. An outstanding lecturer would be able to handle all of these responsibilities with patience and determination.

Good listener: A lecturer should be a good listener to hear what his students have to say. A lecturer’s responsibilities are not to thrust his knowledge onto the students but to help them learn new things in their own way and pace. Therefore lecturers who spend time listening to their student’s queries and thoughts are the most respected of all.

Enthusiasm and energy: A lackluster approach to teaching works against the very principles of education. If you are bored with the subject or topic and are still trying to teach it to the students, it will show. Your energy and enthusiasm about teaching will transfer to students and they will also put in the same energy to learn the subject. Moreover, being lazy at workplace is a sin, that must not be committed in any condition.

Author Bio:
Saurabh Tyagi is a career and education counselor who advises professionals on their career choices. He regularly shares his views through articles like these on leading online job search sites.


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