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The Importance of Having a Job

Aug 26, 2013

The saying "nothing in the world is free" can surely stand to be a true testament for ages. Just about everything required for the sustainability of one's health and well-being requires some type of expense. Whether it be shelter, food, education, transportation, movies, parties and just about everything has a cost to go along with it. In order to live in society, it is imperative to have a steady and reliable job. With no job and family support, one may end up homeless. Family support is usually in the forms of financial and emotional. Although emotional support is free, that support comes from the care and advise that is provided by family members. However, to live in the household, someone needs to pay the bills. Therefore, a job is necessary by at least one member of the household to keep the flow of life going.

The Road To Landing a Position In a Career-Based Job

As children grow up to their teen years, they may realize that they want to take on a part-time job to help fund their hobbies and weekend spending. This part-time job will usually consist of working hours outside of the child's school hours. Then, as they advance to college, they may be able to handle a full-time job while attending school as a full-time student. The schedule is really up to the student and what they can handle. However, they have to keep in mind that their grades in school should be always kept as their number one priority. This is because earning the top grades in school will enable them to give them opportunities towards a prosperous career. That's right, landing a position in a career-based profession should be that student's number one goal as they advance through their grades and stages of school.

Differences Between a Job and Career

One way to differentiate between a job and career is to analyze which one will be able to support the worker and their family the easiest, in the shortest amount of time while putting in the least amount of hours. Now, this isn't taking away from the fact that a job is able to fully support an individual and a family. However, a career will usually make supporting oneself and others much easier. A career should be set into the individual's goals as a long-term commitment. A job can be considered a short-term stepping stone for the individual. This stepping stone job can be a good addition to one's résumé which can instill certain skills, experience and knowledge that will carry over and assist them to perform at their maximum potential in their career.

One can say a career is a job, but a job may not be a career. Also, as previously mentioned, a student in college will usually strive to earn a top grade point average in their courses in order to get recognized by a firm in their career field. However, a career doesn't always require an education. Many career-based jobs will provide training on the job which will enable the individual to have a long-term position within the company with an array of benefits, salary and compensation plans.

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