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The Advantages of Working in Hospitality

Aug 5, 2013

If you are looking for work and have never considered working in hospitality you may be wise to do so. Many people think that the hospitality industry offers only low paid, part-time jobs with very little opportunity for career advancement. Whilst there is plenty of this kind of work available, if you are prepared to work hard and gain experience on-the-job you can actually earn good money and have a very interesting career.


One of the best things about working in the hospitality sector is that there are plenty of different kinds of work to choose from. It is not all about waiting tables, cooking and cleaning. You can be a chef on a cruise ship or simply work in your local cafe.

Once you have the basic experience, where you work and therefore what type of work you take on is very much up to you. Where you work will significantly change the kind of jobs you will be doing. There is hospitality work available across the globe in hotels, pubs, clubs and bars, as well as on cruise ships, in factories and even in people’s homes!

Plenty of work

Not only is there a good variety of work to choose from, there is always plenty of work available. If you visit the website, which specialises in recruiting for the hospitality industry, you will see what we mean. They have literally thousands of vacancies of all kinds.

Naturally, the majority of this work is in large towns and cities. However, even in rural areas it is still possible to find hospitality jobs. There are hotels, conference centres, training centres and theme parks based in rural areas - many of which need hospitality staff.

Once you have gained sufficient experience you will rarely be without work. With a good quality CV, you can quickly move from one job to another. That said, if you want long-term job security and a work-based pension you need to primarily look for work with the larger chains. Small firms run by private individuals tend to come and go. It is not unusual for a privately run restaurant to remain open for only a few years. Whereas if you work for a hospitality chain, if they have to close one of their hotels, clubs or bars they will normally be able to offer you work elsewhere.

The chance to have a career

If you want to become a manager you will find plenty of opportunities in the hospitality industry. All premises need a team of managers. To qualify for these roles you will need experience of working within the industry, and may have to take a few courses. The hospitality industry is a tight knit one, so it is important to make a good impression wherever you work. If you work hard and plan ahead, you can easily have a long and successful career within the hospitality industry. Many who work in the industry end up setting up their own company after a few years, so hospitality work can be a good stepping-stone to bigger and better things.

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