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How to Put Together a Successful E-Recruitment Campaign

Aug 5, 2013

If you want to recruit staff, especially retail staff, using the internet is a good approach. Over 69% of the UK population have web access, and studies have shown that around 80% of UK job seekers use the internet when they are looking for work.

If you want to you can continue to rely only on traditional recruitment methods, but doing so means that you are missing out on reaching a significant percentage of those people who are looking for work.

Advertising job vacancies online has become easier, and todayit is possible for you to post a previously prepared job advert within just a few minutes. However, it is important to approach online recruitment in the right way. This is especially the case for large firms who are looking to either recruit on a regular basis or need to recruit a large group of people all at once. You have to realise that there are hundreds of retail companies offering employment. Therefore, jobseekers have plenty of choice.

Create your job advert properly

This means that you have to spend some time giving thought to how to write a compelling job advert. In order to attract the best candidates you have to make sure that you offer a reasonable salary. If you are unsure, of how much you should be paying for a specific role you can easily find out if you visit the website. All you need to do is to put yourself in the position of a job seeker, search for work similar yours and check how much your competitors are paying. Remember to enter your location; this is important because many firms pay different rates in different parts of the country. Therefore, if you do not include your location the salary figure you come away with may not be reflective of how much qualified job seekers, in your area, expect to be paid for the kind of work you are offering.

Be clear about the kind of person you are looking for

Take the time to list all of the duties and responsibilities. Be careful to do so in a clear and concise way.

If you require people to work unsociable hours such as split shifts or nights it is wise to say so in your job advert. These days, the vast majority of people are willing to work unsociable hours. However, because of family obligations some people simply cannot do so. If you leave this fact out of your job advert, you could find yourself attracting the wrong kind of candidate. It is much better to be honest and upfront, that way all of the candidates who apply for the job should be willing and able to work the hours that you need.

The title is important

How you word the title of your job advert is extremely important. You have to remember that people be will need to be able to find your job advert. To do so they will be using the search boxes provided on the job board. If you use the wrong phraseology, it is possible that your job advert will not show up in the results.

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