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Decalogue to Choose the Best B-Schools

Jul 25, 2013

At this time every year, thousands of professionals and fresh graduates start looking for postgraduate programs in management to learn new management skills to get a job or start a business. A very important thing, which many students and their parents ignore, is taking out time to analyze information, ask questions and take into account a number of factors to choose the most suitable business school.

Your career success largely depends on the management institute you gave chosen, in terms of qualitative and practical education. Nowadays, every student prefers opting for the MBA courses, but only a few among them find an institute, which can make up their career. Make sure that you do not study just to get a certificate, but also learn the practical business world and make yourself competent enough to stand in this dynamic professional world. There are a number of top MBA institutes in Chennai, Bangalore, Mumbai, Delhi and other cities, which offer competitive courses to excel in the professional field.

As an MBA aspirant, you must devote sufficient time to gather information, reviews and testimonials about business schools, which you are considering to be enrolled. It is very important to ask questions and analyze what is most suitable for your profile, your goals and your abilities. To opt for an MBA program, it is not enough to choose from, because it is a decision, which will involve a financial investment but also commitment, time and efforts.

Here are some pointers that can help you to find out the most suitable colleges for pursuing top full time MBA courses in Chennai.

1. The selection procedure: It is important to learn how the college conducts entrance examination and the steps involved in admission procedure. In most of the institutes, the entrance test usually includes a written test, a group discussion session and a personal interview.

2. Scheduling full time or part time courses: Currently, there are a number of programs offered by the management institutes, which include both full time and part time courses. The professionals who do not have time to attend classes can look out for the part time courses. Make up your minds regarding the type of course you would prefer to take up.

3. Selection of specialized or generalist MBA program: Specialized Master's degrees are recommended for youth who want to be directed towards a sector, or professionals who need to redirect their path or reenlist into the labor market. Many experts have pointed out that the future of training for professionals depends largely on the degree of specialization.

4. Classroom or e learning programs: The traditional classroom learning has become increasingly costly and this is the reason why the education experts advise to look out for online management programs. Internet programs are best for those who cannot attend campus classes due to time or geographical reasons, or who just want to acquire specific knowledge about a certain subject. However, people now have started to believe that e learning can be sometimes more intense and participatory.

5. Competition from outsiders: India is a well-known hub for management education. Various colleges have quota for NRI and foreigner students who can be a tough competition!

6. The curricula: To learn about the courses being taught that the institute of interest, you must have a practical approach. Ensure that the academic programs offered by the business school are providing clear and detailed information.

7. Business Recognition: One of the major issues is its recognition in the business world, as it will define the career opportunities for you in future. While choosing the suitable learning center, learn about their ways of collaboration with the business school, the possibilities of working in the companies upon completion of the program and the school's reputation in the business world.

Another clue to the recognition of the center is if they have any accreditation from agencies that certify the quality of teaching, for e.g. University Grants Commission (UCG) and National Assessment and Accreditation Council (NAAC). The alumni of these institutions can offer the first hand view of the institution and detail about the institution. Currently, social networks provide a good platform to get in touch with alumni and employers, and get a good idea of ​​the reputation and employment opportunities in the said business school.

8. The faculty: Have a complete idea about the faculties in the institute. Inquire whether they are full time or part time! You have to know the composition of the teaching staff, and have data on their training and career. Even, you can contact any of them to get an impression about the program.

9. Careers prospects: It is among the most important factors to consider when selecting a business school. Through this service, companies do get job offers to students and alumni. A good option is to contact professionals who have graduated from the said institution or teachers who took up classes. Today it is easy to do through social networks like Facebook, Twitter or LinkedIn.

10. Facilities and services: Always make it a point to visit the institute in person to see the facilities and services such as library, access to publications, study rooms, Internet access and others.

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