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Work While Study - Good Alternative for Student Loans?

May 21, 2013

When going on to further education most people simply take out a student loan without really considering whether this is the best option. However, students can also work while they study and pay off their fees with the money they earn, rather than getting themselves into debt unnecessarily.

There are many benefits to working while you study instead of getting a student loan, particularly if you are interested in working in the world of finance. Below is a short guide to some of the reasons why working might be a good alternative to student loans.

"Working while you study can save you a massive stress issue with debt "

Gain Experience

If you decide to earn money by working while you study, then why not look for a job or internship in the area in which you want to work, rather than just a casual job that is unrelated to your chosen subject.

One of the best benefits of working while you study is that you will be able to gain experience in the area in which you want to work. In the financial world particularly, the skills that you can learn interning, or having a low down job in accounting or other financial areas, can really help set you up for the future.

The first-hand experience will also give you an idea of what the job is really like, which is great because it will help you clearly define what exactly it is that you want to do when you finish your course.

"Working while you study can gain you valuable experience" 

Make Connections

Working while you study won’t only mean that you can earn the money to pay for your fees and gain experience, but it will also help you make connections for the future. The connections you make while you’re studying might just lead to a job when you graduate, which means you won’t have to waste time job hunting when you’re done.

If you have a part time job that complements your studies you will be able to network with employers and staff members in your place of work. If you show a good reliability and work ethic while you are studying part time, you are more likely to be offered a permanent job later on.

In the financial world, having an internship or part time job near the bottom of the ladder is the best way to get in and meet people who will be able to boost your job role and maybe even offer you something more later on.

No Debts

Finally, one of the greatest benefits of working while you study is that you will graduate your studies with no debts. Going into business in the financial world, this is very important as it shows that you can manage your own money very well, meaning people are more likely to trust you with theirs.

This also means you are freer to gain more work experience or take part in another internship that may be unpaid, because you are not pressured by the fact that you have loans out that will need repaying. These internships, although unpaid, could potentially lead to great jobs in the financial business and look great as experience on your CV.


If you are looking to go into accounting or anything else in the finance world then working while you study as opposed to getting student loans might be a good choice for you. It will help you gain experience and knowledge in the field, network and make connections and keep you debt free. Most people who have worked during their studies find that they are offered a more permanent role when they have graduated.

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