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Going It Alone: Why More & More People Are Choosing Part-Time Work

May 19, 2013

The world is full of diversity; that’s what makes life so interesting. Some of us get to make choices and that includes deciding what hours or time of the week we want to work. Indeed, take that further and you will see many people now deciding to work part-time rather than full-time.

Yes, it’s true, some people don’t have a choice because they were forced into cutting back their hours by their employers, but more often than not those who are working part-time are doing so because they choose to.

Recent figures in the UK reveal that although there are around 2.5 million people unemployed, those in work has actually hit an all-time high of 29.73 million. However, that figure is made up of the many who work part-time.

And while it’s true that a lot of part-time work is poorly paid, there are other avenues to explore where the pay can be high.

Here are three examples:


This is one area where work is flowing extremely well, especially online. There are now literally thousands of opportunities for the self-employed on the Internet for anyone who knows how to use a computer. You can even work from home which is an added bonus for many.

Online freelancing jobs include copywriting, typing, graphic design, data entry, secretarial, article writing, web design, programming. In fact the list is massive.

Agency Workers

Also on the rise agency work secured via recruitment specialists offers flexible work to fit around you and your availability. This can be an excellent source of employment especially if you can work certain hours.

Work ranges from Peterborough admin jobs right through to marketing managers in Bristol and nursing jobs in Glasgow and primary school teachers in Sheffield. So whatever your field, there’s a good chance there’s a part-time job going to suit you.

Ebay Seller

For those who have a bit more get-up-and-go about them, becoming an Ebay seller might be of interest. It’s a fact that people are carving out a fine living for themselves by wheeling and dealing on the Internet via Ebay and other markets, and there are various methods to so this. It does take a bit of time to get off the ground mind you, but if you have the time and energy to invest in becoming a trader then this is a proven way to make part-time money.

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