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Four Ways to Raise Cash for Your Next Night Out

May 23, 2013

Whether it is nearing the end of the month, you've just splashed your wages on an expensive holiday, or you simply have been out of work recently, there are a number of reasons you might be digging around in the lint at the bottom of your pockets to find a bit of extra cash to spend this weekend. However there are many ways to raise a little bit of extra money when you are skint.

One of the best ways of raising is saving

It may sound simple, but if you are really desperate to go out this weekend, there are a number of things you can do during the week to leave you with a bit of extra dough jangling around. Simply making your own lunch rather than buying it out during work can save up to twenty pounds. Alternatively, cycling or walking to work rather than using public transport can pull back an extra ten or fifteen quid. Avoid going to the pub during the week or don't drink a lot as this can be one of the largest money burners.

Find some extra work

Short term work is an easy way of gaining some fast cash, as long as you are adept and proactive at finding it. For example, doing some handy work in your local area or finding a couple of shifts at your local pub will raise you plenty of money for a big night out. Plus, if you find some evening work, this will also save you money because you will not be tempted to go out during the week.

Sell some of your unwanted stuff

Even if you are not strapped for cash this is often a good idea. Selling off your unwanted stuff is an easy way to make extra money and reduces the baggage and clutter of your day to day life. Although you may feel sentimental about selling some of your old stuff, you will not miss it once it has gone. Electronic goods, old CDs, DVDs, games, clothes and jewelry can still fetch worthwhile prices on-line. You can even sell stuff for cash on-line so that the money is in your bank ready for your next big night out.

Borrow some cash

If you know you are going to get some money coming in soon, you may want to ask a reliable friend or family member if you can borrow some cash and pay them back soon after. Do not be tempted by any payday loans or overspending on a credit card. Although this may save your pride about asking to borrow cash from friends or family, it is not worth getting onto this slippery slope of debt with incredibly high interest rates for the sake of a night out.

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