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Top Financial Jobs That Will Jumpstart Your Career Path

Apr 4, 2013

Businesses can't function without the finance sector, so if you have a financial job, you are likely to also have longevity and job security. But which financial jobs truly make living easy? There are a few out there that will make all the years in business and finance school worth it.

Management Analyst

With incomes over $80,000 a year, management analysts make some of the biggest bucks in the business world. In addition, their job growth is projected to be faster than average through 2020. Management analysts are also employed as consultants. They help businesses to become more efficient. Management consultants make sure that an organization will be more profitable and reduce costs that may be bringing the company down so that they can bring their revenues up.

Financial Analyst

Financial analysts have been one of the top jobs in finance since the very beginning. Who doesn't love analyzing money? If you studied finance and understand how to make better investment decisions, you'll have an amazing career and be making upwards of $80,000 a year. As the focus is heavily on the stock market and the values of different bonds as well as other investments, financial analysts have a solid projected longevity right now.

Financial Examiner

Financial examiners are separate from analysts and make $70,000 per year or more. They also have a fast job growth projection through 2020. Financial examiners spend time working with the laws that regulate transactions and financial institutions. Mostly, this involves assessing the risk level for loaning and bank management, but it also involves balancing finances and looking for loopholes in business practices or problems with transactions that may cause a problem with the law.


Logisticians make less than other jobs in finance, yet they still tend to earn over $60,000 a year. They analyze and look solely at a supply chain, where products are being delivered from the manufacturer to the consumer. Logisticians look at how the life cycle of a product is completed, such as where it begins, all the different places it moves, how it is distributed, and finally, where the delivery ends. These logic masters are great at deciphering problems in the supply chain and eliminating waste, another essential part of saving money for a business.

Market Research Analyst

Market research analysts have moved to the front and center of the business world. The recent rapid expansion of the Internet, as well as cyber technology, has allowed market research to take center stage. Who has the better algorithms? Who can get leads? Who can build interest in your product? Market research analysts help companies to answer such questions with statistical and forum information on how to brand and market all of their products and services. Without the right campaign, companies may not be able to sell anything, which is why market research analysts can net over $70,000.

Working in the business world takes a lot of savvy sales experience -- combine that with financial knowledge, an understanding of the stock market, and a firm grasp of marketing, and you’ll have many tricks at your disposal in order to obtain one of these positions. The most important thing to remember for new financial professionals is that there exists a bevy of stock analysis, accounting, and budgeting apps and technology available online. If you coincide your business and job with the movement of cloud technology and easy-to-use financial market mobile programs, then you will certainly be an asset to any company.

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