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How To Save Money for Your Degree

Apr 11, 2013

A tax efficient savings plan that provides a home for cash that can be put toward college tuition fees is obviously a good idea for teenagers that are keen to graduate from university with a degree after they finish their schooling. However, what is more problematic for most students-to-be than finding a home for any money they manage to save is making some money in the first place. For the majority of teenagers, the easiest way to generate cash that can be put toward their education is by taking on a part-time job.

Making yourself more employable 

The biggest hurdle for young people to overcome when searching for gainful employment is a lack of experience. Employers are reluctant to take on teenagers who will need on-the-job training when they know that there is a large pool of experienced older people willing to work for similar wages. In order to combat this problem, potential university students can make an effort to gain specialized knowledge in the field that they would like to work on a part-time basis. One way to do this is by volunteering to work for free, for a period of time; another is to study for vocational qualifications that older workers competing for the same positions may not have obtained.

Study from home 

The cost of travelling to a local educational facility in order to gain new qualifications may not be that high but if the subject that you wish to study is only offered at a college located some distance from your home, it can become a problem. In such cases, it is worth thinking about enrolling in one of the online training courses that are offered by companies such as embrace learning Ltd. Specializing in vocational training that can lead to qualifications which are very useful to job hunters of all ages, such companies offer young people a path to employment that might otherwise be difficult for them to follow if they had to travel a long distance to study their chosen subject in a classroom environment.

What to study? 

It would be nice if the qualifications you gain to help you find part-time employment in order to save money for your degree have some relevance to what you wish to study at university. However, the most important factor to consider when looking at the courses you can take online is whether there are jobs available within easy reach of your home that the courses will help you to get. There is very little point in being qualified to take on work that is not available in your area so it is worth paying particular attention to this point when you are evaluating your options. Owing to the nature of online study, you can enrol for courses with providers from all over the world but you can only accept jobs in locations that are easy for you to reach. It is also worth checking the average salaries for various different types of jobs so that you can maximize your potential to save money.

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