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10 Top Jobs That Don't Need a College Education

Jan 6, 2013

It's amazing that only five of the top 30 jobs that are predicted to be in top demand require a college education. Ten of these jobs do not require any post high school education. Out of the top 10 fastest growing job market, only one needs a college education.

Between 2010 and 2020, it's estimated that the total number of U.S. jobs will increase by 20.4 million, from 143 million in 2010 to 163.5 million by 2020. The number of jobs created this decade in the top 30 fastest growing occupations – 9.3 million – will represent almost half of all of the new jobs created by 2020.

With the total amount of loan debt carried by college graduates now exceeding $1 trillion and the poor outlook for finding jobs, the next generation of college age students should think twice about a college education. In the past, we have heavily sold the notion that you couldn't earn a good income unless you attended college for four years. That notion is being turned on its head. There is such a glut of college graduates vying for a fixed number of jobs in a poor economy that many positions in growing industries are going unfilled.

Top 10 occupations expected to create the most jobs this decade

Those that have a college education find that there is greater competition for the jobs available. This forces many students to continue their education and try to achieve higher post graduate degrees like a doctoral degree. With the high cost of college tuition exceeding the budgets of many families, it's good to see that jobs that are in demand will will need little or no education costs.

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