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Save Money in College While Still Having Fun

Oct 4, 2012

During college, most people’s finances take a hit as they must contend with tuition, books and fees while also paying rent. However, the increased college expenses do not mean that a college student has to give up on fun. Instead, students should take advantage of the following ideas so that they can start saving money while still enjoying college life.

1. Buddy up-For most college students, living expenses are one of their largest financial concerns. In order to split costs on rent and utilities, college students should consider having a roommate. Not only is boarding with someone else a great way to save money, but it also offers an instant friend for hanging around the house or hitting the town.

2. Hold dinner parties-Eating out at restaurants can get expensive. Therefore, college students should invite their friends over for dinner parties such as a potluck. If everyone brings a dish, then the cost of eating will be reduced while everyone can enjoy a feast along with each other’s company. For some extra fun, try centering the dinner party on a theme such as Greek cuisine or a time period that is being studied in class.

3. Share textbooks-Next to rent and utilities, the cost of textbooks can be another one of a college student’s highest expenses. For this reason, it can be helpful for students to team up with their classmates and share the cost of a textbook. Then, they can meet up for study groups and enjoy their shared savings.

4. Head to the park-Gym memberships are another expense that can be eliminated by simply stepping outdoors. Grab a few friends and head to the local park for an impromptu game of sand volleyball or football. This can be a great way to get some exercise while enjoying the natural setting with some friends.

5. Visit the library-Textbooks are not the only required texts that a student may need to purchase for a class. Most courses have other required reading texts along with videos and other types of media that a student may need to purchase. These costs can be avoided by checking out the materials from the local library. Additionally, most libraries also offer other amenities that students can enjoy such as meeting rooms, free Internet access and book clubs.

When a student makes an effort to save money in college, then they will be taking steps to ensure their financial security after graduation. However, saving money does not have to be boring. Instead, students can take advantage of community resources while teaming up with their friends to make saving money part of a lifestyle that also includes plenty of social interaction and time set aside for fun.

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