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5 Mistakes I Made in College and Wish I Could Do Over

Sep 17, 2012

College is a special time of your life. You have relationships and experiences you will never have again. Those experiences are specific to only the college experience and when they are over they will never come again. It's to bad you don't realize those once in a lifetime experiences were occurring, because you always will regret them later.

Life is full of many choices. The hundreds of choices we make everyday guides our lives to places we may think are impossible to go to. In college we're also faced with many choices. Not choices like what classes to take. They are mainly laided out for you once you choose your major. I am talking about choices that forms the person and adult you will someday become.

I hope some college students and pre-college students will take my heed and think while they are in their college years to experience the great times you will have for 4 years of you life. Here is my list of thing I wished i would of done better:

Made more lasting friends.

When you reach your senior year in high school you are at the ultimate in the social and group world. You know everyone, whether it's your fellow students or teachers. Add to that you are master of your city or town. It's a comfortable place to be in.

When you make the move to the college campus, you are at the bottom of the social ladder. The campus is huge and you probably don't know anyone there. It's intimidating and it can restrain you from making new friends. It's hard to be sociable, but this needs to be overcome if you want to experience college fully.

The best way to overcome this is to go out of your way to meet people. Opportunities will occur to make new friends and socialize. Look for clubs to join that reflect your interests. Clubs and organizations that are related to your major are especially good because you will be able to meet people that are focusing on like career choices. Sports are also a good way to interact with others. There are many ways to get out and meet new people and maybe make that lifetime friend.

Got to know my Professors better.

Students sometimes keep an uncomfortable distance from their professors. They fear rejection or are intimidated by their stature. This is wrong thinking because professors can be your friend and later in life help you with graduate work or job selection. Make your professor a friend by visiting during office hours and introducing yourself. Share your life and experiences, offer to help in some way. Getting to be friends with professors who teach in your particular major is always a benefit. You can ask them for help in other concerns and having a college professor as your friend and also as a reference will put you ahead of your other classmates. Many students treasure their friendship with their professors for the rest of their lives and are very happy they did.

Participated in an Internship.

College students almost always fail to take advantage of college internships. These are great opportunities to get your foot in the door of major companies. Landing an internship allows you to network and make connections for the future. Internships allow you to see what on the job life is all about. It can help you focus and make better career decisions. Think about how an internship at a major company in your field will look on your resume.

Too much in student loans.

Student loans are easy to get and very hard to get rid of. Racking up student loans over a 4 year college program is a no brainer and you have to have no brains to accumulate them. It's very easy to rack up $50,000 to $100,000 over your short college life. Ask a doctor or lawyer about student loans and the payments involved. Ask a liberal arts graduate with $50,000 in loans with no job apparent and ask them how they sleep at night.
A typical student loan payment on $50,000 is $600/month for ten years. How can a person just starting out afford that payment? It makes more sense to work your way through college. Scrimp and save before to save money. Work during your college years and only take the minimum needed for tuition and boarding.
Student loans do not care if you have a job or not. They don't care if you major is in philosophy and you can't get a job in that field. They want their money paid back. Student loans are serious business but are given out like candy to a baby. Don't let this happen to you, find other forms of tuition payments like work and scholarships.

Picked a major with more job potential

When picking your major it's important to also research your the job market. You can find majors with an abundance of jobs and a major with a poor to non-existent job inventory. Your major may be impressive but if their are very little jobs in it then it's useless. You are wasting your tuition if you can't market your degree to a potential employer.

Sadly, many students don't think along these lines and end up with useless degrees. Your only hope is to take the credits and classes you already have and add others to complete another degree in a more marketable field.

Your college years can be a time in your life of great life experiences. Don't let this part of your life go by without experiencing it to the fullest.

Got further questions? Catch me on twitter and DM me @529SavingsPlans or e-mail me at 529CollegePlans at Gmail.comWant to be heard? Leave a reader comment below.

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